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Horse Breeds

Abaco Barb
Alter Real
American Cream Draft
American Indian
American Paint
American Quarter
American Saddlebred
American Warmblood
Argentine Criollo
Australian Brumby
Australian Draught
Australian Stock
Austrian Warmblood
Bashkir Curly, see Curly
Basque Mountain
Bavarian Warmblood
Belgian Warmblood
Black Forest
Brazilian Sport
Byelorussian Harness
Camarillo White
Canadian Pacer
Carolina Marsh Tacky
Cavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale
Chilean (Chilean Corralero)
Cleveland Bay
Coldblood trotter
Colonial Spanish
Colorado Ranger
Connemara Pony
Costa Rican Saddle
Cuban Criollo
Cumberland Island
Czech warm blood
Danish Warmblood
Danube Delta
Dole Gudbrandsdal
Draft Trotter
Dutch harness
Dutch Heavy Draft
Dutch Warmblood
East Bulgarian
East Friesian
Esperia Pony
Estonian Draft
Florida Cracker
French Trotter
Friesian cross
Friesian Sporthorse
Furioso-North Star
Galician Pony
Georgian Grande
German Warmblood
Gypsy Vanner
Heavy Draft
Hungarian Warmblood
Indian Half-Bred
Irish Draught
Irish Sport
Irish Warmblood
Italian Heavy Draft
Italian Saddle
Italian TPR Agricultural
Italian Trotter
Jaca Navarra
Kentucky Mountain Saddle
Kiger Mustang
Kisber Felver
Lithuanian Heavy Draught
Mangalarga Marchador
Marsh Tacky
Metis Trotter
Mezohegyesi sport-horse (sportlo)
Missouri Fox Trotter
Namib Desert
National Show
Nez Perce
Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest
Norman Cob
Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian coldblood trotter)
North Swedish
Norwegian Fjord
Orlov trotter
Paso Fino
Peruvian Paso
Poitevin (Mulassier)
Pryor Mountain Mustang
Purosangue Orientale
Rhenish-German Cold-Blood ( Rhineland)
Rocky Mountain
Romanian Sporthorse
Russian Don
Russian Heavy Draft
San Fratello
Sardinian Anglo-Arab
Sella Italiano
Selle Français
Shagya Arabian
Shetland Ponies
Siciliano indigeno
Soviet Heavy Draft
Spanish Barb
Spanish Jennet, modern
Spanish Mustang
Spanish Tarpan
Spotted Saddle
Suffolk Punch
Sugarbush Draft
Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish coldblood trotter)
Swedish Ardennes
Swedish Warmblood
Swiss Warmblood
Tennessee Walking
Timor Ponies
Trait Du Nord
Ukrainian Riding
Ventasso (Cavallo Del Ventasso)
Virginia highlander
Vladimir Heavy Draft
Welsh Cob

Horse Breeds

The modern horse has evolved over the past 45 to 55 million years from a small multi-toed animal into the large, single-toed animal of today. Humans began to domesticate horses around 4000 BC, and their domestication is believed to have been widespread by 3000 BC. Worldwide many products are many from horses, including meat, milk, hide, hair, bone, and pharmaceuticals extracted from the urine of pregnant mares; however, in the US they are predominately used for sport and recreation.

Horse breeds are loosely divided into three categories based on general temperament: spirited "hot bloods" with speed and endurance; "cold bloods", such as draft horses and some ponies, suitable for slow, heavy work; and "warmbloods", developed from crosses between hot bloods and cold bloods, often focusing on creating breeds for specific riding purposes, particularly in Europe. There are more than 300 breeds of horse in the world today, developed for many different uses.

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Breeds of Horses

Incomplete list

We are still working on this list. If you have any pictures or information about one of these breeds that you would like to share please contact us. We would love to get your help.

There are the following breeds of Horses:

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Abaco Barb - Breeds of HorseAbaco Barb

Abaco Barb Horses are from the Great Abaco Island in the Bahamas. They are believed to be descended from horses from more than a dozen shipwrecks during the Spanish colonization of the Americas and the Caribbean during the 15th and 16th centuries. 

Some horse breed historians also believe that the Barb horse breed originated in northern Africa during the 8th century and Abaco Barbs are often commonly confused with Arabian breeds. Due to their extreme isolation on the Great Abaco Island, their ...

Abaco Barb Breeds of Livestock

Abtenauer - Breeds of HorseAbtenauer

Abtenauer Horses are a rare draft horse from the Abtenau valley, south of Salzburg in Austria. They are the smallest variant of the Noriker horse. They have short heads and strong necks with an average height of 15.3 hands. The average weight of an Abtenauer horse is 1,102 pounds, lighter than most Norikers. The Abtenauer is commonly black, chestnut, or blue roan colored coat and is a coldblooded horse breed. It has a well-shaped head and strong legs, but is elegant in stature, has excellent agility and balance. This breed is especial ...

Abtenauer Breeds of Livestock

 Abyssinian - Breeds of Horse Abyssinian

Abyssinian horses originated in Ethiopia and Eritrea, formerly known as Abyssinia. They are found today along the coastline of the Red Sea and in the Sudan. Abyssinian horses were first exported to England in 1861. The Abyssinian is on average about 13.3 hands high and has a wide variation in color and conformation. The Abyssinian’s coat is short and rough and special attention must be given to this breed to keep their coat clean and free of dirt. Because of their unique hair growth pattern, the Abyssinian can be difficult to brush. T ...

 Abyssinian Breeds of Livestock

 Aegidienberger - Breeds of Horse Aegidienberger

Aegidienberger Horses are a small riding horse fromAegidienberger, Germany, and were first recognized as a breed in 1994.

Aegidienberger Horses were developed by Walter Feldman in 1994 in response to the need for horses larger than Icelandic Horses but still small and hardy enough to navigate difficult terrain, plus they need to be well suited for the warmer climates of central Europe. Feldman created the Aegidienberger breed primarily by crossing Peruvian Paso and Icelandic horses.


 Aegidienberger Breeds of Livestock

 Akhal-Teke - Breeds of Horse Akhal-Teke

Akhal-Teke horses originated from Turkmenistan and are best known for their intelligence, speed and endurance.

The Akhal-Teke typically stands between 14.2 and 16 hands (58 and 64 inches, 147 and 163 cm) and there are currently about 6,600 Akhal-Tekes in the world, found primarily in Turkmenistan and Russia, with some also located in Europe and North America.

The Akhal-Teke bloodline dates back thousands of years in Turkmenistan when selectively bred Akhal-Teke were used for raids and fights for the Russ ...

 Akhal-Teke Breeds of Livestock

 Albanian - Breeds of Horse Albanian

Albanian Horses originated in the 5th century, during the Ottoman Empire. They are a small horse (12-13 hands high) and belong to the Balkan group. Native Albanian horses came from either the Mountain or Myzeqea plains of Albania. Albanian Horses were originally thought to have been created by breeding Arabian horses with the local Albanian horses, which were likely combined with Tarpan, Turkmenian, or Mongolian stock breeds.

Albanaian horses typically have coats of Bay, Black, Chestnut and Gray. They are hi ...

 Albanian Breeds of Livestock

 Altai - Breeds of Horse Altai

Altai horses were developed in the Altai Mountains of Central Asia and are highly adapted to the severe climates in the region. For many centuries, they were bred for characteristics most needed by the mountain tribesmen and nomads, including strong cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular, and skeletal systems. They are best known for strong physical attributes, hearty constitutions, and the ability to adapt to harsh environments.

On average, the Altai stand 13.2 - 13.3 hands high and their coat colors range from chestnut, ba ...

 Altai Breeds of Livestock

 Alter Real - Breeds of Horse Alter Real

Alter Real Horses come from Alter de Chao, a small town in the Alentejo province of Portugal. They were created in 1748 and have a heavy Andalusian influence. They are also derived from the Lusitano breed, but based on mostly Spanish mares. Alter Real Horses were designed to provide high-class horses for equestrian activities at the royal court, and in particular for the royal riding school in Lisbon.

Alter Reals have a small head, strong shoulders and a short body, an impressive high-stepping action, long pasterns and ...

 Alter Real Breeds of Livestock

 American Cream Draft - Breeds of Horse American Cream Draft

American Cream Draft Horses are the only draft horse native to the U.S.

They were developed in 1905 in Iowa during one of the greatest declines in heavy horse use in history. The American Cream Draft originated in the United States in the state of Iowa in 1905.
American Cream Draft Horses stand on average 15.2 -16.2 hands high and are a medium-heavy draft horse. They weigh between 1600-1800 pounds and a large stallion can reach up to 2,000 pounds. They have well-muscled shoulders, a large body and a c ...

 American Cream Draft Breeds of Livestock

 American Indian - Breeds of Horse American Indian

American Indian Horses (also known as cow ponies, buffalo horse, mustang, Indian pony, cayuse, or Spanish pony) are descended from horses brought to the Americas by Spanish conquistadors and colonists.

American Indian Horses proved to be tough and thrived on the grassy plains of the Americas.

American Indian Horse’s registry was created in 1961. The organization was started for the purpose of collecting, recording, and preserving the pedigrees of American Indian Horses.

American Indian Horses generally range i ...

 American Indian Breeds of Livestock

 American Paint - Breeds of Horse American Paint

American Paint Horses were developed from spotted horses with Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred bloodlines. This combined both the conformational characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern.

Color patterns differentiate the American Paint Horse from other stock-type breeds. Each horse has a unique combination of white and any one of the colors of the equine rainbow: black, bay, brown, chestnut, dun, grulla, sorrel, palomino, gray or roan.

The American Paint Horse Association (APHA) breed r ...

 American Paint Breeds of Livestock

 American Quarter - Breeds of Horse American Quarter

American Quarter Horses are one of the oldest recognized breeds of horses in the United States. The breed originated about the 1660s as a cross between native horses of Spanish origin used by the earliest colonists and English horses imported to Virginia from about 1610. By the late 17th century, these horses were being raced successfully over quarter-mile courses in Rhode Island and Virginia, and hence received the name Quarter Horses. The Quarter Horse was bred for performance and had considerable Thoroughbred blood as well as tr ...

 American Quarter Breeds of Livestock

 American Saddlebred - Breeds of Horse American Saddlebred

 American Saddlebred Breeds of Livestock

 American Warmblood - Breeds of Horse American Warmblood

 American Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Andalusian  - Breeds of Horse Andalusian

The modern day Pure Spanish Horse is derived from very ancient horses whose body shapes are depicted in cave drawings from at least 5000 BC in both north-eastern and southern regions of Spain. Eventually predominating in the southern province of Andalucía, they became known as Andalusian horses. However, the authorities of the Spanish stud book now prefer them to be known as Pura Raza Española (P.R.E.) or Pure Spanish Horse. There are about 45,000 world-wide.

Andalusian horses are a very beautiful aristocratic horse, with a ...

 Andalusian  Breeds of Livestock

 Andravida  - Breeds of Horse Andravida

 Andravida  Breeds of Livestock

 Anglo-Arabian - Breeds of Horse Anglo-Arabian

Anglo-Arabian, or Anglo-Arab, horses ara a crossbred between Thoroughbred (thus, the prefix "Anglo") and Arabian horses. The cross can be made between a Thoroughbred stallion and an Arabian mare, or vice versa. It can also be a cross between either an Anglo-Arabian and a Thoroughbred or, alternatively, an Anglo-Arabian and an Arabian. Another permitted cross is between two Anglo-Arabians. No matter the cross, a horse must have a minimum 12.5% of Arabian blood to be considered an Anglo-Arabian.

France is one of the large ...

 Anglo-Arabian Breeds of Livestock

 Anglo-Arabo-Sardo - Breeds of Horse Anglo-Arabo-Sardo

Anglo-Arab-Sardo, or Anglo-Arab Sardinian, horses originated in Sardinia, Italy.

When the Saracens dominated the island of Sardinia, Arab stallions had been crossed with Sardinian mares of smaller size. At the beginning of the 16th century those horse were used for crosses with Andalucian stallions. In the course of the nineteenth century, thanks to the introduction of English thoroughbreds (thus, the prefix "Anglo").

Modern day Anglo-Arabo-Sardo  horses are quite different from those of the past. Like the ...

 Anglo-Arabo-Sardo Breeds of Livestock

 Anglo-Kabarda - Breeds of Horse Anglo-Kabarda

 Anglo-Kabarda Breeds of Livestock

 Appaloosa - Breeds of Horse Appaloosa

Photo by Mayhem Farm
Appaloosa horses are known for their colorfulleopard-spotted coatpattern. There is a wide range of body types within the breed, stemming from the influence of multiple breeds of horses throughout its history. Each horse's color pattern is genetically the result of various spotting patterns overlaid on top of one of several recognized base coat colors.

TheNez Percepeople of Pacific Northwestdeveloped the Appaloosa breed. Appaloosas were once referred to bysettlersas the "Palouse horse", possibly after thePalouse River, which ...

 Appaloosa Breeds of Livestock

 Arabian - Breeds of Horse Arabian

Photo by Mayhem Farm
The Arabian's conformation and type have been selectively bred for longer than any other breed of horse.

The Bedouins of the Arabian desert were dependent for survival on their Arabian horses. While they valued the beauty of their horses, they were equally adamant that their horses were strong, with deep chests, straight legs, large joints and good lungs to carry them across large stretches of their desert homeland. Historical figures like Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Alexander The Great and George Washington rode Arabians.

 Arabian Breeds of Livestock

 Ardennes - Breeds of Horse Ardennes

 Ardennes Breeds of Livestock

 Arenberg-Nordkirchen - Breeds of Horse Arenberg-Nordkirchen

 Arenberg-Nordkirchen Breeds of Livestock

 Argentine Criollo - Breeds of Horse Argentine Criollo

 Argentine Criollo Breeds of Livestock

 Asturcon - Breeds of Horse Asturcon

 Asturcon Breeds of Livestock

 Augeron - Breeds of Horse Augeron

 Augeron Breeds of Livestock

 Australian Brumby - Breeds of Horse Australian Brumby

 Australian Brumby Breeds of Livestock

 Australian Draught - Breeds of Horse Australian Draught

 Australian Draught Breeds of Livestock

 Australian Stock - Breeds of Horse Australian Stock

 Australian Stock Breeds of Livestock

 Austrian Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Austrian Warmblood

 Austrian Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Auvergne - Breeds of Horse Auvergne

 Auvergne Breeds of Livestock

 Auxois - Breeds of Horse Auxois

 Auxois Breeds of Livestock

 Avelignese - Breeds of Horse Avelignese

 Avelignese Breeds of Livestock

 Azerbaijan - Breeds of Horse Azerbaijan

 Azerbaijan Breeds of Livestock

 Azteca - Breeds of Horse Azteca

 Azteca Breeds of Livestock

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 Baise - Breeds of Horse Baise

 Baise Breeds of Livestock

 Balearic - Breeds of Horse Balearic

 Balearic Breeds of Livestock

 Balikun - Breeds of Horse Balikun

 Balikun Breeds of Livestock

 Baluchi - Breeds of Horse Baluchi

 Baluchi Breeds of Livestock

 Ban'ei - Breeds of Horse Ban'ei

 Ban'ei Breeds of Livestock

 Banker - Breeds of Horse Banker

 Banker Breeds of Livestock

 Barb - Breeds of Horse Barb

 Barb Breeds of Livestock

 Bardigiano - Breeds of Horse Bardigiano

Bardigiano horses, also known as Bardigiano Ponies, are from Bardi, Italy.

The first horses that populated Bardi were brought during the Roman Era. During the centuries, the breed developed as a mountain horse; in the 15th century, there were attempts to make it more gentle by cross-breeding it with Arabian-Friulian horses, thus obtaining a horse very similar to the one of today.

They almost became extinct after the First World War. In 1977, a "Regulation for the selection and for the Genealogic Book of the Bard ...

 Bardigiano Breeds of Livestock

 Bashkir Curly, see Curly - Breeds of Horse Bashkir Curly, see Curly

 Bashkir Curly, see Curly Breeds of Livestock

 Basque Mountain - Breeds of Horse Basque Mountain

 Basque Mountain Breeds of Livestock

 Bavarian Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Bavarian Warmblood

 Bavarian Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Belgian - Breeds of Horse Belgian

 Belgian Breeds of Livestock

 Belgian Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Belgian Warmblood

 Belgian Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Black Forest - Breeds of Horse Black Forest

 Black Forest Breeds of Livestock

 Blazer - Breeds of Horse Blazer

 Blazer Breeds of Livestock

 Boulonnais - Breeds of Horse Boulonnais

 Boulonnais Breeds of Livestock

 Brabant - Breeds of Horse Brabant

 Brabant Breeds of Livestock

 Brandenburger - Breeds of Horse Brandenburger

 Brandenburger Breeds of Livestock

 Brazilian Sport - Breeds of Horse Brazilian Sport

 Brazilian Sport Breeds of Livestock

 Breton - Breeds of Horse Breton

 Breton Breeds of Livestock

 Brumby - Breeds of Horse Brumby

 Brumby Breeds of Livestock

 Budyonny - Breeds of Horse Budyonny

 Budyonny Breeds of Livestock

 Burguete - Breeds of Horse Burguete

 Burguete Breeds of Livestock

 Byelorussian Harness - Breeds of Horse Byelorussian Harness

 Byelorussian Harness Breeds of Livestock

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 Byelorussian HarnessHorse

 Calabrese - Breeds of Horse Calabrese

Calabrese Horses originated in Calabria and were derived from a group of Arabian horses imported from North Africa. During the Bourbon period, they were crossbred with Andalusian horses. In more recent times, they were bred with Saleritano horses and English Thoroughbreds, which increased their size. Every now and then, in order not to lose their original traits, they are bred with Arabian horses.

Calabrese horses are easy to train, strong, vivacious, and docile. They have excellent balance, fast, and good jumpers.


 Calabrese Breeds of Livestock

 Camargue - Breeds of Horse Camargue

 Camargue Breeds of Livestock

Camarillo White  - Breeds of HorseCamarillo White

Camarillo White  Breeds of Livestock

Campolina - Breeds of HorseCampolina

Campolina Breeds of Livestock

 Canadian - Breeds of Horse Canadian

 Canadian Breeds of Livestock

 Canadian Pacer - Breeds of Horse Canadian Pacer

 Canadian Pacer Breeds of Livestock

 Carolina Marsh Tacky - Breeds of Horse Carolina Marsh Tacky

 Carolina Marsh Tacky Breeds of Livestock

 Carthusian - Breeds of Horse Carthusian

 Carthusian Breeds of Livestock

 Caspian - Breeds of Horse Caspian

Caspian horses are small originally from Iran. Although generally no more than 12 hands (1.22 meters) high, they are nevertheless considered to be a horse rather than a pony.

They are a similar build to Arabian horses, and they are extremely hardy, with very dense bone and hard feet that rarely need shoeing. They can take long strides and are able to keep up with normal-sized horses while walking, trotting, or cantering, despite their smaller stature. The most common colors are bay and black, though they may also be grey, d ...

 Caspian Breeds of Livestock

 Castilian - Breeds of Horse Castilian

 Castilian Breeds of Livestock

 Castillonnais - Breeds of Horse Castillonnais

 Castillonnais Breeds of Livestock

 Catria - Breeds of Horse Catria

Catria Horses are from Monte Catria, Italy, and neighbouring areas (Central Appennines), spread over the provinces of Pesaro, Ancona and Perugia.

Continuous contacts with the people of Maremma in Tuscany, chiefly with those involved in charcoal-burning, explain the introduction and the influence of the local equine population of Maremagno. In the post-war years the herds of horses diminished considerable, but the original population, derived from the maremmano breed, held on in mountain areas which were only good for pastu ...

 Catria Breeds of Livestock

 Cavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale - Breeds of Horse Cavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale

 Cavallo Romano della Maremma Laziale Breeds of Livestock

 Chickasaw - Breeds of Horse Chickasaw

 Chickasaw Breeds of Livestock

 Chilean (Chilean Corralero) - Breeds of Horse Chilean (Chilean Corralero)

 Chilean (Chilean Corralero) Breeds of Livestock

 Choctaw - Breeds of Horse Choctaw

 Choctaw Breeds of Livestock

 Cleveland Bay - Breeds of Horse Cleveland Bay

 Cleveland Bay Breeds of Livestock

 Clydesdale - Breeds of Horse Clydesdale

Clydesdales are large draught horses derived from farm horses of Clydesdale, Scotland. They were developed by the farmers of Lanarkshire, through which the River Clyde flows. The old name for Lanarkshire is Clydesdale. They were originally used for agriculture and hauling, and they still are used for draught purposes today. They have also been used to create and improve other draught breeds.

They were bred to meet not only the agricultural needs of these farmers, but the demands of commerce for the coal fields of Lanarkshire a ...

 Clydesdale Breeds of Livestock

 Coldblood trotter - Breeds of Horse Coldblood trotter

 Coldblood trotter Breeds of Livestock

 Colonial Spanish - Breeds of Horse Colonial Spanish

 Colonial Spanish Breeds of Livestock

 Colorado Ranger - Breeds of Horse Colorado Ranger

 Colorado Ranger Breeds of Livestock

 Comtois - Breeds of Horse Comtois

 Comtois Breeds of Livestock

Connemara Pony - Breeds of HorseConnemara Pony

The Connemara Pony is Ireland’s native pony originally from Irelands west coast Galway; its popularity is extensive worldwide. An historic breed that is considered to be “sure footed and hardy” the Connemara has exceptional characteristics which include calm temperament, staying power, intelligence, soundness and athleticism. These characteristics mean the pony is considered a wonderful modern riding mount for child and adult alike. Crossed with the Thoroughbred the Connemara produces an exceptional and versatile sports horse.
< ...

Connemara Pony Breeds of Livestock

 Costa Rican Saddle - Breeds of Horse Costa Rican Saddle

 Costa Rican Saddle Breeds of Livestock

 Cretan - Breeds of Horse Cretan

 Cretan Breeds of Livestock

 Criollo - Breeds of Horse Criollo

 Criollo Breeds of Livestock

 Cuban Criollo - Breeds of Horse Cuban Criollo

 Cuban Criollo Breeds of Livestock

 Cumberland Island - Breeds of Horse Cumberland Island

 Cumberland Island Breeds of Livestock

 Curly - Breeds of Horse Curly

 Curly Breeds of Livestock

 Czech warm blood - Breeds of Horse Czech warm blood

 Czech warm blood Breeds of Livestock

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 Czech warm bloodHorse

 Daliboz - Breeds of Horse Daliboz

 Daliboz Breeds of Livestock

 Danish Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Danish Warmblood

 Danish Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Danube Delta - Breeds of Horse Danube Delta

 Danube Delta Breeds of Livestock

 Dolahest - Breeds of Horse Dolahest

 Dolahest Breeds of Livestock

 Dole Gudbrandsdal - Breeds of Horse Dole Gudbrandsdal

 Dole Gudbrandsdal Breeds of Livestock

 Don - Breeds of Horse Don

 Don Breeds of Livestock

 Draft Trotter - Breeds of Horse Draft Trotter

 Draft Trotter Breeds of Livestock

 Dutch harness - Breeds of Horse Dutch harness

 Dutch harness Breeds of Livestock

 Dutch Heavy Draft - Breeds of Horse Dutch Heavy Draft

 Dutch Heavy Draft Breeds of Livestock

 Dutch Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Dutch Warmblood

Dutch Warmblood horses are exceptional sport horses that have recently been prominent in the international equestrian. Some of the Dutch Warmblood superstars include Calypso, Next Milton, Big Ben, Ampere, Ommen, Zucarlos, Linky, Eastern Sunrise, Pascal, Ideaal and many more.

  Dutch Warmblood horses are sport horses that have evolved from Dutch Gelderlander and Groningen horses. Gelderlander horses come from the light sandy soils of central Holland; they are a stylish chestnut horse of medium stature. Groningen horses c ...

 Dutch Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

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 Dutch WarmbloodHorse

 East Bulgarian - Breeds of Horse East Bulgarian

 East Bulgarian Breeds of Livestock

 East Friesian - Breeds of Horse East Friesian

 East Friesian Breeds of Livestock

Esperia Pony - Breeds of HorseEsperia Pony

This pony comes originally from Lazio, (the Monti Ausoni and Monti Aurunci area, bridging the provinces of Frosinone and Latina).

It was called the “Pony of Esperia” after the Baron Ambrogio Roselli di Esperia who undertook its selective breeding.

In the past it was used for carrying light loads and for its meat. It was only in 1962 that it was officially recognized as a distinct breed and after thirty years it was added to the official register at the “Associazione Provinciale Allevatori di Frosinone” (Association ...

Esperia Pony Breeds of Livestock

 Estonian - Breeds of Horse Estonian

 Estonian Breeds of Livestock

 Estonian Draft - Breeds of Horse Estonian Draft

 Estonian Draft Breeds of Livestock

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 Estonian DraftHorse

 Falabella - Breeds of Horse Falabella

 Falabella Breeds of Livestock

 Faroese  - Breeds of Horse Faroese

 Faroese  Breeds of Livestock

 Finnhorse - Breeds of Horse Finnhorse

 Finnhorse Breeds of Livestock

 Fjord  - Breeds of Horse Fjord

 Fjord  Breeds of Livestock

 Fleuve - Breeds of Horse Fleuve

 Fleuve Breeds of Livestock

 Florida Cracker - Breeds of Horse Florida Cracker

 Florida Cracker Breeds of Livestock

 Fouta - Breeds of Horse Fouta

 Fouta Breeds of Livestock

 Frederiksborg  - Breeds of Horse Frederiksborg

 Frederiksborg  Breeds of Livestock

 Freiberger - Breeds of Horse Freiberger

 Freiberger Breeds of Livestock

 French Trotter - Breeds of Horse French Trotter

 French Trotter Breeds of Livestock

Friesian - Breeds of HorseFriesian

Image provided by <a href=http://www.livestockofamerica.com/ranches/ranchhome.asp?Peopleid=2097 target = _blank>Griffin Sport Horses</a>
Friesian horses, or Frizian horse, are a horse breed that originated in Friesland, which certainly makes sense. FYI: Friesland is in the Netherlands. They are used both in harness and under saddle and most recently they are being used in dressage.

They are black with some occasional white marking; however, the only white marking allowed on a studbook-registered horse is a small star. They are 15.2 to 16.0 hands tall on average and weight 1300 + pounds.

Friesian horses have the conformation of a light draug ...

Friesian Breeds of Livestock

 Friesian cross - Breeds of Horse Friesian cross

 Friesian cross Breeds of Livestock

 Friesian Sporthorse  - Breeds of Horse Friesian Sporthorse

Friesian Sporthorses are a Friesian crossbred sport horse. Ideally Friesian Sporthorses are specifically bred to excel in FEI-recognized sport horse disciplines. Thus, "sporthorse" refers to the phenotype, breeding, and intended use of these horses.

Friesian Sporthorses can come in a variety of colors and sizes, with no limitations on acceptable colors or markings. Their body type can range from a sport horse build to a heavier more Baroque build. A higher-set and more arched neck is also common among Friesian Sporthorses. ...

 Friesian Sporthorse  Breeds of Livestock

 Furioso-North Star - Breeds of Horse Furioso-North Star

 Furioso-North Star Breeds of Livestock

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 Furioso-North StarHorse

 Galiceno  - Breeds of Horse Galiceno

 Galiceno  Breeds of Livestock

 Galician Pony  - Breeds of Horse Galician Pony

 Galician Pony  Breeds of Livestock

 Gelderland - Breeds of Horse Gelderland

 Gelderland Breeds of Livestock

 Georgian Grande - Breeds of Horse Georgian Grande

 Georgian Grande Breeds of Livestock

 German Warmblood - Breeds of Horse German Warmblood

 German Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Giara - Breeds of Horse Giara

Giara, also known as the “Cavallino della Giara” (The little horse of Giara), were originally from the highland region of the same name, in Sardinia. Little is known about their origins. Probably they was brought into Sardinia by the Greeks in the 5th or 4th century B.C., at the time of the nuraghe. they are accustomed to grazing free in its difficult native terrain. To save them from extinction a breeding and re-populating center was set up in 1971, at Foresta Burgos in Sardinia. This was established by the “Istituto di Incremento ...

 Giara Breeds of Livestock

 Gidran - Breeds of Horse Gidran

 Gidran Breeds of Livestock

 Groningen - Breeds of Horse Groningen

 Groningen Breeds of Livestock

 Gypsy Vanner - Breeds of Horse Gypsy Vanner

Gypsey Vanner horses (also known as Irish Cob, Colored Cob, Gypsy Cob, Tinker Horse, and Gypsy Horses) originated in the British Isles. They are a small, solidly-built horse of cob conformation and are often, but not always, piebald or skewbald. They are the only broken-colored horse breed of the British Isles, and are particularly associated with the Pavee and Roma travelling peoples of Britain and Ireland.

  From about 1850 travelling people in the British Isles began to use a distinct type of horse to pull their ...

 Gypsy Vanner Breeds of Livestock

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 Gypsy VannerHorse

 Hackney - Breeds of Horse Hackney

Hackney (also known as Roadster) horses have a long history. William Youatt, writing in 1838, considered the Road Horse to have developed into the premier English breed. Its essential role was as a working harness horse developed for relatively fast transport on improving roads – as its original name implies. This is reflected in the 1838 woodcut (right) which shows both a signpost and a milestone in the background.

However, the Hackney type was evolving long before this – principally in Yorkshire. References as early as ...

 Hackney Breeds of Livestock

 Haflinger - Breeds of Horse Haflinger

Originating from Hafling (called Avelengo in Italian), which is near Merano (South Tyrol). Also called Haflinger, Hafling Horse or Pony Avelignese. It is a very old breed, even though it was officially founded in 1874, with its present characteristics, from the coupling of an indigenous horse with the stallion El Bedavi (perhaps of Berber origin).

In the past they were widely used for agricultural work, and although they are still used for tose purposes, it is much appreciated today for agro-tourism riding, and in ...

 Haflinger Breeds of Livestock

 Hanoverian - Breeds of Horse Hanoverian

 Hanoverian Breeds of Livestock

 Heavy Draft - Breeds of Horse Heavy Draft

 Heavy Draft Breeds of Livestock

 Heck - Breeds of Horse Heck

 Heck Breeds of Livestock

 Heihe - Breeds of Horse Heihe

 Heihe Breeds of Livestock

 Hirzai - Breeds of Horse Hirzai

 Hirzai Breeds of Livestock

 Hispano-Arabe - Breeds of Horse Hispano-Arabe

 Hispano-Arabe Breeds of Livestock

 Hispano-Breton - Breeds of Horse Hispano-Breton

 Hispano-Breton Breeds of Livestock

 Holsteiner - Breeds of Horse Holsteiner

 Holsteiner Breeds of Livestock

 Hungarian Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Hungarian Warmblood

 Hungarian Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

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 Hungarian WarmbloodHorse

 Icelandic - Breeds of Horse Icelandic

Icelandic horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in the world. They were brought to Iceland by the first settlers from Norway, in the late ninth to early tenth centuries.

Due to the harsh climate and the lack of vegetation over more than one half of the country, the Icelandic horse had an extremely difficult existence. Only the strongest and the fittest could survive.

As a result of a plague in Europe, Iceland quarantined itself for many years. In AD 930 a law was passed to ban the importation of horses and ot ...

 Icelandic Breeds of Livestock

 Indian Half-Bred - Breeds of Horse Indian Half-Bred

 Indian Half-Bred Breeds of Livestock

 Iomud - Breeds of Horse Iomud

 Iomud Breeds of Livestock

Irish Draught - Breeds of HorseIrish Draught

The Irish Draught is a native breed of horse in Ireland. It is a light draught breed that historically developed for work on farms. Today the breed has adapted to the ever changing pace of equestrianism to become a most versatile breed.  As a foundation breed of the Irish Sport Horse, the Irish Draughts temperament makes them easy to work with in any discipline.  Along with characteristics of strength, intelligence, courage and light action they are an ideal equine to partner with from amateur to professional rider.


Irish Draught Breeds of Livestock

Irish Sport - Breeds of HorseIrish Sport

The Irish Sport Horse is considered Irelands, most successful competition horse. The selective breeding of Draught bloodlines with Sport horse breeds and thoroughbred produces a truly exceptional equine athlete that excels and competes to the very highest levels in equestrianism.  Renowned worldwide for their wonderful temperaments and wiliness to work  the Irish Sport horse is a horse of distinction.

The Irish Sport Horse is considered Ireland’s most successful competition horse. The selective breeding of Draug ...

Irish Sport Breeds of Livestock

Irish Warmblood - Breeds of HorseIrish Warmblood

The Irish Warmblood breed was established in 2009 through the Minister of Agriculture’s approval of the Warmblood Studbook of Ireland (WSI), and in 2014 the studbook became a Full Member of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH). Irish Warmblood youngsters already are making a big impression. Many have been exported to Germany, South America, Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, and the studbook’s 4-, 5-, and 6-year-old approved stallions and mares have dominated the young horse showjumping championships.


Irish Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

Italian Heavy Draft - Breeds of HorseItalian Heavy Draft

Italian Heavy Draft Breeds of Livestock

Italian Saddle  - Breeds of HorseItalian Saddle

Italian saddle horses are a recent creation and are excellent horses for show jumping, dressage, eventing, endurance. They were created by crossing many Italian breeds, with the Sardinian Anglo-Arab predominating. The aim has been to obtain a horse with a noble appearance and the robustness typical to the descendants of English thoroughbreds, and the reliability of the Italian breeds.

Italian Saddle  Breeds of Livestock

Italian TPR Agricultural  - Breeds of HorseItalian TPR Agricultural

Italian TPR Agricultural Horses are draught horses, characterized by a heavy frame and great development of the muscles and the skeleton, are differentiated into slow heavy draught horses, represented by the Belga breed, and fast heavy draught horses, represented by the Italian Agricultural Horse. Thanks to its high speed of growth and the notable development of its muscle mass, these alter are also particularly appropriate for the production of meat.

The Italian TPR Agricultural Horse has its origin in the plane of Veni ...

Italian TPR Agricultural  Breeds of Livestock

Italian Trotter - Breeds of HorseItalian Trotter

The Italian Trotter is a harness racing horse developed over the last century by crossing Thoroughbred stallions with French (Norman) trotters, Russian Trotters and American Standardbred mares. The goal of the selection was to blend the speed of the Standardbred with the stamina of the French Trotter. The result is a large, physically powerful horse standing up to 17 hands (68 inches, 173 cm) at the withers, with athletic ability and capable of defeating Standardbreds on the race track.

The most famous Italian trotting hor ...

Italian Trotter Breeds of Livestock

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Italian TrotterHorse

Jaca Navarra - Breeds of HorseJaca Navarra

Jaca Navarra Breeds of Livestock

Jutland - Breeds of HorseJutland

Jutland Breeds of Livestock

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Kabarda - Breeds of HorseKabarda

Kabarda Breeds of Livestock

Kaimanawa - Breeds of HorseKaimanawa

Kaimanawa are wild horses from New Zealand. The first horses arrived in New Zealand in 1814, and mobs of feral horses were reported as early as the 1870s. The principal (and only remaining) herds became established in the North Island’s Central Plateau, where they became known in general as the “Kaimanawa Wild Horses”.

Because of increasing concern by the public for their supposed declining numbers, a Committee, under the umbrella of the Forest Service, was formed in 1978 to look after the horses’ interests, and a protected ...

Kaimanawa Breeds of Livestock

Karabair - Breeds of HorseKarabair

Karabair Breeds of Livestock

Karabakh - Breeds of HorseKarabakh

Karabakh Breeds of Livestock

Karossier - Breeds of HorseKarossier

Karossier Breeds of Livestock

Kathiawari - Breeds of HorseKathiawari

Kathiawari Breeds of Livestock

Kazakh - Breeds of HorseKazakh

Kazakh Breeds of Livestock

Kentucky Mountain Saddle - Breeds of HorseKentucky Mountain Saddle

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Breeds of Livestock

Kiger Mustang - Breeds of HorseKiger Mustang

Kiger Mustang Breeds of Livestock

Kinsky - Breeds of HorseKinsky

Kinsky Breeds of Livestock

Kisber Felver - Breeds of HorseKisber Felver

Kisber Felver Breeds of Livestock

Kladruber - Breeds of HorseKladruber

Kladruber Breeds of Livestock

Knabstrupper - Breeds of HorseKnabstrupper

Knabstrupper Breeds of Livestock

Konik - Breeds of HorseKonik

Konik Breeds of Livestock

 Kustanair - Breeds of Horse Kustanair

 Kustanair Breeds of Livestock

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 Latvian - Breeds of Horse Latvian

 Latvian Breeds of Livestock

 Lipizzan - Breeds of Horse Lipizzan

Lipizaan Horses (also known as Lipica or Lipizzano horses) were developed in Lipizza (Lipica), a small locality near Trieste, which is today in Slovenia, but was Italian up to the Second World War and before that, Austrian. Its origins date from the mid-16th century, through an initiative of the Archduke Charles of Stiria, third child of the Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria. Factors contributing to the choice of the Lipizza area included the good quality of the horses which populated Carso and the Aquileiese area and the favourable cli ...

 Lipizzan Breeds of Livestock

 Lithuanian Heavy Draught - Breeds of Horse Lithuanian Heavy Draught

 Lithuanian Heavy Draught Breeds of Livestock

 Lokai - Breeds of Horse Lokai

 Lokai Breeds of Livestock

 Losino - Breeds of Horse Losino

 Losino Breeds of Livestock

 Lusitano - Breeds of Horse Lusitano

 Lusitano Breeds of Livestock

 Lyngshest - Breeds of Horse Lyngshest

 Lyngshest Breeds of Livestock

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 M'Bayar - Breeds of Horse M'Bayar

 M'Bayar Breeds of Livestock

 Mallorquín - Breeds of Horse Mallorquín

 Mallorquín Breeds of Livestock

 Malopolski - Breeds of Horse Malopolski

 Malopolski Breeds of Livestock

 Mangalarga - Breeds of Horse Mangalarga

 Mangalarga Breeds of Livestock

 Mangalarga Marchador - Breeds of Horse Mangalarga Marchador

 Mangalarga Marchador Breeds of Livestock

 Maremmano - Breeds of Horse Maremmano

The Maremmano horse originated in the Maremma region of Tuscany and Lazio at the time of the ancient Etruscans. From then until the nineteenth century it kept its original characteristics: squat, strong and skittish. Then, in about 1870, it began to be crossed with more lightly-built and docile horses. In the year 1902, the stallion Fauno was born at the Royal Stables at San Rossore, ...

 Maremmano Breeds of Livestock

 Marismeno - Breeds of Horse Marismeno

 Marismeno Breeds of Livestock

 Marsh Tacky - Breeds of Horse Marsh Tacky

 Marsh Tacky Breeds of Livestock

 Marwari - Breeds of Horse Marwari

 Marwari Breeds of Livestock

 Mecklenburger - Breeds of Horse Mecklenburger

 Mecklenburger Breeds of Livestock

 Menorquín - Breeds of Horse Menorquín

 Menorquín Breeds of Livestock

 Mérens - Breeds of Horse Mérens

 Mérens Breeds of Livestock

 Messara - Breeds of Horse Messara

 Messara Breeds of Livestock

Metis Trotter - Breeds of HorseMetis Trotter

Metis Trotter Breeds of Livestock

 Mezohegyesi sport-horse (sportlo) - Breeds of Horse Mezohegyesi sport-horse (sportlo)

 Mezohegyesi sport-horse (sportlo) Breeds of Livestock

 Miniature - Breeds of Horse Miniature

Miniature horses are, as expected, small…really small; usually less than 34–38 inches (86–97 cm) as measured at the last hairs of the mane, which are found at the withers. While miniature horses are the size of a very small pony, many retain horse characteristics and are considered "horses" by their respective registries. They have various colors and coat patterns.

Miniature horses are friendly and interact well with people. For this reason they are often kept as family pets, though they still retain natural horse beha ...

 Miniature Breeds of Livestock

 Misaki - Breeds of Horse Misaki

 Misaki Breeds of Livestock

 Missouri Fox Trotter - Breeds of Horse Missouri Fox Trotter

 Missouri Fox Trotter Breeds of Livestock

 Monchina - Breeds of Horse Monchina

 Monchina Breeds of Livestock

 Mongolian - Breeds of Horse Mongolian

 Mongolian Breeds of Livestock

 Monterufolino - Breeds of Horse Monterufolino

It originated in the province of Pisa (Tuscany), particularly in the area of Monterufoli. According to some writers it derived from a now extinct type known as the “Selvina Breed” which lived in the wild. The area from where the Montrufoli comes is now largely covered by the “Monterufoli-Caselli” Nature Reserve, a hilly region lying at between100 and 560 meters above sea level.

The story of the Monterufoli began in 1913 when the estate was purchased by the Counts of Gherardesca. The real process of selection and improvemen ...

 Monterufolino Breeds of Livestock

 Morab - Breeds of Horse Morab

 Morab Breeds of Livestock

 Morgan - Breeds of Horse Morgan

Morgan horses were one of the first horse breeds developed in the United States. All Morgans can trace their lineage back to a horse Justin Morgan, who was named after his owner.

Morgan horses are known for their strength, elegance, and history. The Morgan horse leant its muscle to clearing and tilling New England farms during the earliest years of American history. Today it is a popular driving and riding horse, surefooted over rough trail as it is refined and dignified in the show ring.

Morgans served many ro ...

 Morgan Breeds of Livestock

 Moyle - Breeds of Horse Moyle

 Moyle Breeds of Livestock

 Murakoz  - Breeds of Horse Murakoz

 Murakoz  Breeds of Livestock

 Murgese - Breeds of Horse Murgese

This breed originates from, and is spread throughout Puglia: in particular, the Murge region. It can trace its origins to the time of Spanish domination, when Arab, Berber and Andalusian stallions were brought in. But the real development of the Murgese horse was thanks to the Counts of Conversano. They were a family of farsighted nobles who were very adept in choosing horses for importation and careful in selecting those which fitted the needs of the time and the character of the area. The breed was first officially registered in 19 ...

 Murgese Breeds of Livestock

 Mustang - Breeds of Horse Mustang

 Mustang Breeds of Livestock

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 Namib Desert - Breeds of Horse Namib Desert

 Namib Desert Breeds of Livestock

 Nangchen - Breeds of Horse Nangchen

 Nangchen Breeds of Livestock

Napoletano - Breeds of HorseNapoletano

The area of Felix Campania (“Happy Plain”), extending from Volturno to Sarno, covers what is nowadays part of the provincial territory of Naples and Caserta. Because of its unique climate and geography, it has long been an ideal location for raising horses. Indeed, the Etruscans chose this place as their center for horse-breeding, established near the Greek settlements on the Flegrean coast. Later, it was here, in the Capuan area, that the Romans bred their very best specimens for the Imperial court. The advent of the sea-going Repub ...

Napoletano Breeds of Livestock

 National Show - Breeds of Horse National Show

National Show Horses originated as a part-Arabian cross between an American Saddlebred and an Arabian horse. They are now established as a separate breed, since the founding of a breed registry in 1981.

National Show Horses combine the refinement of Arabian Horses with the animation of Saddlebred horse. The resulting horse has the high-set, upright, long, swan-like neck of the Saddlebred. The neck should not have a pronounced crest. The head is usually refined and small, with small ears and either a straight or concave prof ...

 National Show Breeds of Livestock

 Nez Perce - Breeds of Horse Nez Perce

 Nez Perce Breeds of Livestock

 Nivernais - Breeds of Horse Nivernais

 Nivernais Breeds of Livestock

 Nokota - Breeds of Horse Nokota

 Nokota Breeds of Livestock

 Noma - Breeds of Horse Noma

 Noma Breeds of Livestock

 Nonius - Breeds of Horse Nonius

 Nonius Breeds of Livestock

 Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest - Breeds of Horse Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest

 Nordlandshest/ Lyngshest Breeds of Livestock

 Noriker  - Breeds of Horse Noriker

The Norico is a heavy draft-horse, coming originally from the Alpine valleys beween Austria and Italy.

The original horse was re-established by the Romans who undertook a breeding programme in their old province of Noricum. During the Renaissance the breed was improved with the introduction of strains from Neopolitan and Andalusian horses. Nowadays the Norico is to be found in some Alpine regions of Italy (Trentino and Alto Adige), as well as those of Austria and Germany.

It is a mountain breed and characteristi ...

 Noriker  Breeds of Livestock

 Norman Cob - Breeds of Horse Norman Cob

 Norman Cob Breeds of Livestock

 Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian coldblood trotter) - Breeds of Horse Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian coldblood trotter)

 Norsk Kaldblodstraver (Norwegian coldblood trotter) Breeds of Livestock

 North Swedish - Breeds of Horse North Swedish

 North Swedish Breeds of Livestock

 Norwegian Fjord - Breeds of Horse Norwegian Fjord

 Norwegian Fjord Breeds of Livestock

 Novokirghiz - Breeds of Horse Novokirghiz

 Novokirghiz Breeds of Livestock

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 Oberlander - Breeds of Horse Oberlander

 Oberlander Breeds of Livestock

 Oldenburg - Breeds of Horse Oldenburg

 Oldenburg Breeds of Livestock

 Orlov trotter - Breeds of Horse Orlov trotter

 Orlov trotter Breeds of Livestock

 Ostfriesen - Breeds of Horse Ostfriesen

 Ostfriesen Breeds of Livestock

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 Paint - Breeds of Horse Paint

 Paint Breeds of Livestock

 Pampa - Breeds of Horse Pampa

 Pampa Breeds of Livestock

 Paso Fino - Breeds of Horse Paso Fino

 Paso Fino Breeds of Livestock

 Pentro - Breeds of Horse Pentro

Pentro Horses were developed in Molise, Italy. Originally they were a beast of burden, for herding other animals. Today they are used chiefly for riding and as a working animal. They have a nervous temperament but at the same time docile.

Source: Agraria.org

 Pentro Breeds of Livestock

 Percheron - Breeds of Horse Percheron

Percheron heavy horses, originally known as Norman Percheron, are one of the best-known European horse breeds. They originated in the district of Perche, to the north and west of Normandy in France.

They never achieved the popularity in England of the Clydesdale and Shire heavies, and although quite a number were imported into Britain – especially in the late 1800s – they were believed not to have the strength and stamina of the British breeds.

However, the Percheron found favor in the United States as a heavy dr ...

 Percheron Breeds of Livestock

 Persano - Breeds of Horse Persano

The true Salernitano horse originated from the plain lying between the Sele and the Calore (Salerno - Campania). But, as well as this breed, another type was also raised, which came to be known as the “razza governativa di Persano” (the ruling breed of Persano).

Established in 1762 by the Bourbon king, Charles III, it was the result of crossing mares of largely eastern origin with Andalusian Arab stallions In 1874 the government sought to suppress the breed and all examples of it were sold at public auction. But in 1900 it ...

 Persano Breeds of Livestock

 Peruvian Paso - Breeds of Horse Peruvian Paso

 Peruvian Paso Breeds of Livestock

 Pintabian - Breeds of Horse Pintabian

 Pintabian Breeds of Livestock

 Pleven - Breeds of Horse Pleven

 Pleven Breeds of Livestock

 Poitevin (Mulassier) - Breeds of Horse Poitevin (Mulassier)

 Poitevin (Mulassier) Breeds of Livestock

 Pottok - Breeds of Horse Pottok

 Pottok Breeds of Livestock

 Pryor Mountain Mustang - Breeds of Horse Pryor Mountain Mustang

 Pryor Mountain Mustang Breeds of Livestock

 Przewalski's  - Breeds of Horse Przewalski's

 Przewalski's  Breeds of Livestock

 Purosangue Orientale - Breeds of Horse Purosangue Orientale

 Purosangue Orientale Breeds of Livestock

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 Purosangue OrientaleHorse

 Qatgani - Breeds of Horse Qatgani

 Qatgani Breeds of Livestock

 Quarab - Breeds of Horse Quarab

 Quarab Breeds of Livestock

 Quarter - Breeds of Horse Quarter

 Quarter Breeds of Livestock

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 Racking  - Breeds of Horse Racking

 Racking  Breeds of Livestock

 Retuerta  - Breeds of Horse Retuerta

 Retuerta  Breeds of Livestock

 Rhenish-German Cold-Blood ( Rhineland) - Breeds of Horse Rhenish-German Cold-Blood ( Rhineland)

 Rhenish-German Cold-Blood ( Rhineland) Breeds of Livestock

 Rhinelander - Breeds of Horse Rhinelander

 Rhinelander Breeds of Livestock

 Riwoche - Breeds of Horse Riwoche

 Riwoche Breeds of Livestock

 Rocky Mountain - Breeds of Horse Rocky Mountain

 Rocky Mountain Breeds of Livestock

 Romanian Sporthorse - Breeds of Horse Romanian Sporthorse

 Romanian Sporthorse Breeds of Livestock

 Rottaler - Breeds of Horse Rottaler

 Rottaler Breeds of Livestock

 Russian Don - Breeds of Horse Russian Don

 Russian Don Breeds of Livestock

 Russian Heavy Draft - Breeds of Horse Russian Heavy Draft

 Russian Heavy Draft Breeds of Livestock

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 Russian Heavy DraftHorse

Saddlebred - Breeds of HorseSaddlebred

Saddlebred Breeds of Livestock

 Salerno - Breeds of Horse Salerno

The Salerno, or Salernitano, horse is a saddle-horse, originally from the plains of Battipaglia, Eboli and Paestum, in the province of Salerno (Campania). It is a very ancient breed, which was improved during the period of Spanish domination by crossing it with Andalusian and Oriental horses. It has also been used to improve Russian breeding stock. The Salernitano horse was once used by the army. In the second half of the nineteenth century it was crossed with pure-bred English horses, which changed its original appearance. It was ch ...

 Salerno Breeds of Livestock

 Samolaco - Breeds of Horse Samolaco

 Samolaco Breeds of Livestock

 San Fratello - Breeds of Horse San Fratello

The Sanfratellano dei Nebrodi, or San Fratello, horse is an Italian breed originating in Messina (Sicily).

The account of its origins is of great historical and sociological interest. It was not a “padronal breed”, raised by a noble or baronial family enjoying ascendancy during a certain historical period, but rather a population of horses connected to the people and history of a particular part of Sicily. Today, as 1000 years ago, the Sanfratellano di Nebrodi horse lives free and well-protected in its “cradle of origin”, a ...

 San Fratello Breeds of Livestock

 Sarcidano - Breeds of Horse Sarcidano

 Sarcidano Breeds of Livestock

 Sardinian Anglo-Arab - Breeds of Horse Sardinian Anglo-Arab

 Sardinian Anglo-Arab Breeds of Livestock

 Schleswig - Breeds of Horse Schleswig

 Schleswig Breeds of Livestock

 Sella Italiano - Breeds of Horse Sella Italiano

 Sella Italiano Breeds of Livestock

 Selle Français - Breeds of Horse Selle Français

 Selle Français Breeds of Livestock

 Shagya Arabian - Breeds of Horse Shagya Arabian

 Shagya Arabian Breeds of Livestock

Shetland Ponies - Breeds of HorseShetland Ponies

Shetland Ponies are the smallest of the British breeds, and unlike other pony breeds, do not increase in height when bred on more favorable land and in a milder climate.

The early 1800s saw a demand for this breed from outside the Shetland Islands (Scotland) where it developed initially this was mainly for circus animals and children’s ponies. However, with the abolition of child labor in the coal mines demand grew even further and large numbers of ponies were sent to England for the mines. Buyers from the US had also becom ...

Shetland Ponies Breeds of Livestock

 Shire - Breeds of Horse Shire

Shire Horses are the largest – and among the oldest – of the British horse breeds. Among its ancestors were the chariot horses of the Britons – described and admired greatly by Julius Caesar two thousand years ago.

For centuries its primary role was as a War Horse (its original name). It has also been known as the Great Horse and the Strong Horse.

Strengthened by crossing with horses imported from Europe (e.g. Friesian Horses), the breed was steadily increased in size and strength as the chain mail and then plate ...

 Shire Breeds of Livestock

 Siciliano indigeno - Breeds of Horse Siciliano indigeno

This is an Italian breed, originally from eastern Sicily.

We should really refer to it as a breed of horse with a definite oriental stamp, rather than as a pure and distinct breed.

In fact, we can individuate two distinct ethnic groups: that originating from the eastern parts of the island (Catania, Siracuse and Ragusa) has more distinctly dolichomorphic characteristics, while the group from the interior is more mesomorphic in form. The latter also has more of a tendency towards deformed or irregular characte ...

 Siciliano indigeno Breeds of Livestock

 Silesian - Breeds of Horse Silesian

 Silesian Breeds of Livestock

 Sokolsky  - Breeds of Horse Sokolsky

 Sokolsky  Breeds of Livestock

 Sorraia - Breeds of Horse Sorraia

 Sorraia Breeds of Livestock

 Soviet Heavy Draft - Breeds of Horse Soviet Heavy Draft

 Soviet Heavy Draft Breeds of Livestock

 Spanish Barb  - Breeds of Horse Spanish Barb

 Spanish Barb  Breeds of Livestock

Spanish Jennet, modern - Breeds of HorseSpanish Jennet, modern

Spanish Jennet, modern Breeds of Livestock

 Spanish Mustang - Breeds of Horse Spanish Mustang

 Spanish Mustang Breeds of Livestock

 Spanish Tarpan - Breeds of Horse Spanish Tarpan

 Spanish Tarpan Breeds of Livestock

 Spanish-Norman - Breeds of Horse Spanish-Norman

 Spanish-Norman Breeds of Livestock

 Spotted Saddle  - Breeds of Horse Spotted Saddle

 Spotted Saddle  Breeds of Livestock

 Standardbred  - Breeds of Horse Standardbred

 Standardbred  Breeds of Livestock

 Suffolk Punch - Breeds of Horse Suffolk Punch

Suffolk Punch horses have a long and well-established history as a draught animal of English origin. Arthur Young, one of the earliest writers on British livestock, and who himself came from Suffolk, was the first to refer, in 1771, to the area’s 'noble breed of horfes', as a distinct breed. He noted that even in his childhood (he was born in 1741) the Suffolk was referred to as ‘The Old Breed.’ It is almost certainly the oldest existing pure breed of draught horse to have originated in England.

William Youatt in 1837, and ...

 Suffolk Punch Breeds of Livestock

 Sugarbush Draft - Breeds of Horse Sugarbush Draft

 Sugarbush Draft Breeds of Livestock

 Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish coldblood trotter) - Breeds of Horse Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish coldblood trotter)

 Svensk Kallblodstravare (Swedish coldblood trotter) Breeds of Livestock

 Swedish Ardennes - Breeds of Horse Swedish Ardennes

 Swedish Ardennes Breeds of Livestock

 Swedish Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Swedish Warmblood

 Swedish Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

 Swiss Warmblood - Breeds of Horse Swiss Warmblood

 Swiss Warmblood Breeds of Livestock

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 Swiss WarmbloodHorse

 Taishuh - Breeds of Horse Taishuh

 Taishuh Breeds of Livestock

 Tawleed - Breeds of Horse Tawleed

 Tawleed Breeds of Livestock

 Tchernomor - Breeds of Horse Tchernomor

 Tchernomor Breeds of Livestock

 Tennessee Walking - Breeds of Horse Tennessee Walking

<a href = http://livestockofamerica.com/Ranches/Ranchhome.asp?CurrentPeopleID=2005 class = body>Photo supplied by ChuloWat Farms</a>
A light horse breed founded in middle Tennessee, the Tennessee Walking Horse is a composition of Narragansett and Canadian Pacer, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and American Saddlebred stock. Originally bred as a utility horse, this breed is an ideal mount for riders of all ages and levels of experience. The breed easily adapts to English or Western gear, and its calm, docile temperament combined with naturally smooth and easy gaits insure the popularity of the Tennessee Walking Horse as the "world's greatest show, trail, and ple ...

 Tennessee Walking Breeds of Livestock

 Tersk - Breeds of Horse Tersk

 Tersk Breeds of Livestock

 Thoroughbred - Breeds of Horse Thoroughbred

Thoroughbreds are most commonly associated with horse racing but they excel in many area. They originated in Britain starting in the late 17th century for speed and racing with the influence of Arabian bloodlines. Today, they continue to dominate the racing industry but Thoroughbreds also excel in eventing, show jumping, and dressage. They come in a variety of solid colors like bay, chestnut, and black and, on very rare occasions, palomino and pinto. On average, a Thoroughbred stands between 15 and 17 hands high (60” to 68” ...

 Thoroughbred Breeds of Livestock

 Tiger - Breeds of Horse Tiger

 Tiger Breeds of Livestock

Timor Ponies - Breeds of HorseTimor Ponies

Timor Ponies evolved on the Indonesian island of Timor, probably from Indian breeds that were imported to the island. On Timor these ponies are mainly used for cattle work, as well as for riding, driving, and light farm work.

Timor Ponies are described as being strong, frugal, and agile, and are lovely natured and intelligent. They have a narrow frame, short back, muscular neck, prominent withers, and a sloping croup. Their shoulders are straight, and the legs and feet are strong. Timor ponies usually stand 10-12 hands high ...

Timor Ponies Breeds of Livestock

 Tinker - Breeds of Horse Tinker

Please see Gypsy Vanner Horses.

 Tinker Breeds of Livestock

 Tolfetano - Breeds of Horse Tolfetano

The Tolfetano horse is originally from central Italy, and in particular from Monti della Tolfa, the area between Rome and Viterbo which was once Etruscan.

The breed was already well-known at the time of the Etruscans. It is very hardy, and still bred in the wild. This breed is strong, well-built and tough.

Once used as a pack-horse and for rounding up cattle, it is now normally used for riding in the countryside, or raised for meat on pasturage unsuitable for cattle.

Source: Agraria.org

 Tolfetano Breeds of Livestock

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 Tori Breeds of Livestock

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 Ventasso (Cavallo Del Ventasso) - Breeds of Horse Ventasso (Cavallo Del Ventasso)

The name of this population of horses comes from the mountain of the same name located in the high Val d'Enza, in the province of Reggio Emilia, where the presence of horses has been documented from the times of the Duke Ferdinand of Bourbon to those of the Serenissimi Farnese and the Duchy of Maria Louisa of Austria. Even after the unification of Italy and up to the 1940s these lands continued to supply horses to the army. In the last forty years the stud farm of Ramiseto and the Borzacchi-Bertoldi stud have continued with stallions ...

 Ventasso (Cavallo Del Ventasso) Breeds of Livestock

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Welsh cob Horses have the overall proportions of Welsh Mountain Ponies but are much larger. They stand from 13.2hh with no upper height limit. They stand with arched neck, four legs in a square, and a well set tail held with pride. Their feet are well shaped and as hard as nails ensuring longevity – the old saying “no foot, no horse” still holds true today. They have a very well laid-back shoulder with a long slope which ensures a comfortable horse to ride. In movement they use their whole foreleg which extends forward from the elbow ...

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 Württemberger Horse

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