Livestock Marketplace to be Featured in 2015 Holiday Film Mr. Pig
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Pigs Fly this Holiday Season at Livestock Of The World

December 13, 2016. EAGLE POINT, OREGON. Livestock Of The World is helping pigs and 14 other types of livestock take flight this holiday season with beautiful butterfly wings. Their holiday marketing campaign includes Pigs, as well as Horses, Goats, Sheep, Cows, and many other types of livestock. The goal is to spread a message of hope and transformation for the world's livestock industries.

"Butterflies are a symbol of hope and transformation. For livestock owners that are struggling we want to help them succeed. For ranchers that are doing well, we want to help them be more successful", says John Andresen, President of Livestock Of The World.

"The increasing global population means an elevated need for both food and clothing. Simultaneously, there is a growing demand for natural fibers and locally-produced meat and dairy products. This means more opportunities for commercial ranches, small farms, and everything in-between," says Andresen.

Livestock Of The World is a network of marketplace websites built to support ranchers worldwide. The websites provide place for livestock owners to share a wealth of information about their animals for sale in an environment built for 15 species of livestock. At the same time, each website is focused on an individual country; so far they have launch and, and there are many more to come worldwide.

"There are websites that allow you to share a lot of information about one type of animal (horses, cattle, etc.) and there are websites that allow you to list a little bit of information about multiple types of animals. Ours are the only websites that allow you to share all of your information about all of your livestock," say Andresen.

"The marketplace websites such as are like the spokes of a great wheel," says Andresen. "And at the hub is links off to the marketplace websites." You can find wings on all 15 different types of animals that Livestock Of The World markets, in addition to their online holiday market, and hundreds of livestock breed descriptions at

"Our goal is to help ranchers work more closely with each other, and connect them across industries and countries. For example, when an American sheep rancher imports Italian sheep they can improve the quality of the wool that they offer. When a fiber goat ranch buys alpacas, they can diversify what they offer and improve the quality of the yarns they sell," says Andresen.

"Every human life on the planet is dependent upon livestock and farming in many ways. We take our job of helping the ranchers of the world very seriously, but like to have fun while we are at it," says Andresen.

Sheron Johnson of Sunset Farms in Amarillo, Texas markets her livestock for sale using Livestock Of The World's marketing services. "It has been a great year and an abundant breeding season for our pigs and Livestock Of The World, has helped us greatly with our marketing" says Johnson.

For more information contact John Andresen at 541-879-1877 or visit the website at

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Livestock Of The World

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