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French Angora Rabbits have been domesticated for their wool for over 2000 years. The French Angora Rabbit breed was first brought into the United States during the early parts of the twentieth century. The French Angora Rabbit is developed chiefly because of their high-quality fur and meat. The French Angora is a big size rabbit that has a body weight, ranging from 7.5 lbs to 10 lbs (3.4 kg to 4.5 kg).

The French Angora Rabbits contain two coats of hair, such as a coarse guard hair that extends further their undercoat, and a dense, crimped wool coat. The maximum length of the wool of the French Angora Rabbits ranges from 2 inches (5 cm) to 6 inches (15cm). The French Angora Rabbit variety is different from other Angora Rabbit varieties in a way that it has a hairless and a clean face and forefeet, with only slight tufting on the back legs.

The French Angora Rabbits come in all colors as well as white, broken, and solid colors. The color of the French Angora Rabbit breed is decided by the color of its feet, head, and tail because all of these parts will have the same color. The toes of the French Angora Rabbit breed will be of the same color, such as white color for white color rabbits or tinted for tinted rabbits.

The fur of this Angora Rabbit has a soft, silky texture, making it hard to spin. Some of the enviable features of the fiber of the French Angora Rabbit breed include that it is soft, warmth, frivolous, and clean white in color. The fiber is used for making mittens, sweaters, millinery, and baby clothes. The French Angora Rabbit breeds are usually soft and gentle.

Similar to other rabbits, the more they are administered; the more likely they will be turn out to be friendly. The French Angora Rabbits need frequent grooming and fur preservation, in addition to the harvesting of the wool will assist to make the French Angora Rabbit breed a sweet and calm rabbit. The moderate character, which is combined with the low-maintenance fur make this rabbit breed the one that several people can handle easily.

. French Angora Rabbits are very clean animals and will groom themselves and also each other. French Angora Rabbits are crepuscular-(meaning there are most active at morning and evening) and do most of their feeding in the evening. French Angora Rabbits on average sleep about 8 hours.

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American Rabbit Breeders Associations, Inc. American Rabbit Breeders Associations, Inc. - www.arba.net

American Rabbit Breeders Associations, Inc. American Rabbit Breeders Associations, Inc. - www.arba.net