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About Affenpinscher DogsAffenpinscher

Affenpinscher dogs originated in the 17th century Germany and are one of the most ancient of the Toy Breeds or little dogs. “Afffe” is German for Monkey and Affenpinschers are known as a “Monkey Terrier” because they often have monkey-like expression on their face. In France they are known as the “little devil with a mustache”.

Affenpinscher Dogs had a significant influence in the development of several smaller rough-coated dogs in continental Europe, including theMiniature Schnauzers and the Brussels Griffon breeds.

Affenpinscher Dogs arrived in the United States sometime in the mid 1930''s, and they were first recognized as an official breed by the AKC in 1936.  Affenpinschers were original ...

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About Afghan Hound DogsAfghan Hound

Afghan Hound Dogs are considered one of the oldest dog breeds. They have a distinctive tail with a ring curl at the end. They are also high hipbones and an aloof but dignified temperament.

Afghan Hound Dogs are taller than most breeds (about 24–29 inches tall and weighs between 45–60 pounds). They range in color from fawn to gold, brindle, white, red, cram, blue, gray and tri-color. They have a long, fine-textured coat that requires considerable care and grooming. They also have a distinctive long topknot and shorter-haired saddle. Typically they have black on their faces.  Some even have moustaches known as a Fu Manchu. This type of moustache on Afghan Hounds is called “mandarins.”

Afghan Hounds are al ...

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About Africanis DogsAfricanis

Africanis Dogs are a landrace aboriginal breed descending from South African dogs, and are directly related to the hounds and pariah dogs of ancient Africa dating back more than 7,000 years. They may have traveled with the Neolithic herdsman of the Middle East to Africa. They are not a specifically selected or bred breed, but are the result of natural selection and an adaptation to African ecological conditions or “survival of the fittest.” 

The Africanis name is a categorical or umbrella name for all aboriginal dogs found in South Africa. Specifically the name Africanis is broken down into “Africa” (the continent) and “Canis” (dog).  

Typically they have a short, hard, thick coat and a medium-sized body ty ...

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About Aidi DogsAidi

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About Airedale Terrier DogsAiredale Terrier

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About Akbash DogsAkbash

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About Akita Inu DogsAkita Inu

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About Alano Espanol DogsAlano Espanol

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About Alaskan Klee Kai DogsAlaskan Klee Kai

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About Alaskan Malamute DogsAlaskan Malamute

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About Alaunt DogsAlaunt

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About Alopekis DogsAlopekis

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About Alpine Dachsbracke DogsAlpine Dachsbracke

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About Alsatian Shepalute DogsAlsatian Shepalute

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About American Akita DogsAmerican Akita

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About American Bulldog DogsAmerican Bulldog

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About American Bully DogsAmerican Bully

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About American Cocker Spaniel DogsAmerican Cocker Spaniel

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About American Eskimo DogsAmerican Eskimo

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About American Foxhound DogsAmerican Foxhound

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About American Hairless Terrier DogsAmerican Hairless Terrier

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About American Mastiff DogsAmerican Mastiff

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About American Pit Bull Terrier DogsAmerican Pit Bull Terrier

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About American Staffordshire Terrier DogsAmerican Staffordshire Terrier

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About American Water Spaniel DogsAmerican Water Spaniel

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About Anatolian Shepherd DogsAnatolian Shepherd

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About Anglo-Francais de Petite Vénerie DogsAnglo-Francais de Petite Vénerie

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About Antebellum Bulldog DogsAntebellum Bulldog

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About Appenzeller Sennenhund DogsAppenzeller Sennenhund

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About Argentine Dogo DogsArgentine Dogo

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About Ariege Pointer DogsAriege Pointer

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About Ariegeois DogsAriegeois

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About Armant DogsArmant

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About Armenian Gampr DogsArmenian Gampr

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About Artois Hound DogsArtois Hound

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About Australian Stumpy Tail DogsAustralian Stumpy Tail

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About Austrian Black and Tan Hound DogsAustrian Black and Tan Hound

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About Austrian Pinscher DogsAustrian Pinscher

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About Azawakh DogsAzawakh

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