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The Catalan donkey, also known as the Asno Catalan, is a breed of donkey native to Catalonia in northeastern Spain. It is known for its small to medium size, typically standing between 10 to 14 hands in height, and its distinctive appearance, with a range of coat colors including black, bay, chestnut, and gray. Catalan donkeys are highly valued for their strength, endurance, and versatility, and are often used for carrying heavy loads, plowing fields, and as pack animals. They are also known for their gentle and docile temperament, making them popular as pets and therapy animals. Despite the challenges posed by limited resources and declining populations in some parts of Catalonia, the Catalan donkey remains an important part of the region's cultural and agricultural heritage, and efforts are being made to conserve and protect this unique and valuable breed of donkey. Overall, the Catalan donkey is a versatile and reliable breed of donkey, appreciated for its strength, endurance, and gentle nature.