About Ragusano DonkeysAbout Ragusano Donkeys

Ragusano Donkeys originated in the area of Ragusa, Modica, Scicli S.Croce Camerina in Sicily. They are a new breed, officially recognized in 1953, when during selection studies the Horse Increase Institute of Catania (they keep the registry office) was able to fix a few characteristics. All the donkeys living in Sicily are to be traced back to the Pantelleria breed, especially those in the province of Trapani and to the usually called Sicilian breed, , present all over the island. The crossbreeding of the two above and with the Martina Franca breed, with blood mixing of Catalano donkey, after various crossings, produced some very good examples.

They are used as beasts of burden, draught, and mule producing. It’s mules were used during the last century wars in the Alps with great success.

Content and Photo source: Agraria.org.