Brown Shorthair Goats

About Brown Shorthair GoatsAbout Brown Shorthair Goats

Brown Shorthair Goats have been improved since the end of 19th century. They originated with a native breed of un-uniform color, mostly light-brown to white goats, improved by crossing with German brown (Erzgebirgziege) bucks.

They were recognized as an autonomous breed in 1954-55. They are found in the northern and western mountain regions of the Czech Republic.

They have glossy short hair, a cinnamon to ferruginous or dark brown coat and face. They have eelstripes that run from cantle to tailtip. Their belly, shank, and hooves are black. They have upright ears and they are mostly (75-80%) hornless.

Average females weight about 120-140 pounds, height in withers 70-75 cm, heart girth 80-102 cm, males about 140-190 pounds, 75-85cm in withers and 90-110 cm in heart girth. Early mature, first bearing in 12-15 month of age.