About Fasana GoatsAbout Fasana Goats

Photo source: Agraria.org
Photo source: Agraria.org

Fasana, also known as Colombina, are medium-sized goats originating from the picturesque region of Piedmont, Italy. Renowned for their elegance and moderate size, these goats are affectionately referred to as "Pavone" in Austria, France, and Germany, a nod to their regal bearing reminiscent of a peacock's majestic demeanor.

With their origins rooted in the verdant landscapes of Piedmont, Fasana goats exhibit a graceful stature and distinctive features that capture the essence of their Italian heritage. Their medium size makes them well-suited for a variety of agricultural settings, where they contribute to the pastoral beauty of the countryside.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, Fasana goats are valued for their versatile qualities, serving as reliable companions to farmers and rural communities across Europe. Whether grazing in the rolling hills of Piedmont or traversing the alpine meadows of Austria, these goats embody the enduring spirit of resilience and grace that characterizes their breed.