About Istriana GoatsAbout Istriana Goats

Photo Source: Agrarian.org
Photo Source: Agrarian.org

Istriana Goats hail from the picturesque region of Istria, once part of Italy and now nestled within the borders of modern-day Croatia. Evolving through a blend of indigenous heritage and Alpine influences, these goats embody the rich tapestry of their historical lineage. Bred with meticulous care in the province of Gorizia, their population, once modest, has steadily thrived, boasting just over 100 heads by the year 1983.

Adorned in pristine coats of plain white, Istriana Goats exude an air of purity and elegance, their fleece a testament to the simplicity and natural grace of their ancestral roots. As versatile as they are picturesque, these goats serve dual purposes as both dairy and meat breeds, embodying the harmonious balance between utility and aesthetics.

Renowned for their succulent meat, the kids of Istriana Goats are tenderly raised until they reach a weight of 10-15 kilograms, at which point they are carefully prepared for slaughter. This meticulous approach to husbandry ensures that each culinary endeavor featuring Istriana Goat meat is a celebration of flavor, texture, and tradition, paying homage to the rich culinary heritage of the Istrian region.