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Source: www.britannica.com
Source: www.britannica.com

The illustrious Angora goat, named after the ancient city of Ankara in Turkey, holds a storied legacy as a premier producer of luxurious mohair fiber, renowned for its unparalleled softness and sheen.

Some trace the lineage of the Angora goat back to the majestic Central Asian Markhor goat, a noble ancestor revered since the Paleolithic era. In the 1550s, these graceful creatures made their grand debut in Europe, gracing the royal courts of Charles V, the esteemed Holy Roman Emperor. Their arrival on American shores occurred in 1849, a historic moment orchestrated by the esteemed Dr. James P. Davis, who gifted seven regal goats to the United States in gratitude for his contributions to the cotton industry. This noble breed flourished amidst the lush landscapes of the American southwest, particularly in the sun-drenched pastures of Texas, where they became the cornerstone of the nation's mohair production, a legacy that endures to this day.

The precious fleece harvested from the Angora goat, known as mohair, epitomizes opulence and refinement. Each year, these magnificent creatures yield between four and five kilograms of this exquisite fiber, a testament to their remarkable vitality and grace. Their coat, shorn twice annually, adorns them in shades ranging from pristine white to the deepest blacks and elegant shades of silver and grey, a stunning palette of natural hues that captivates the imagination.

Yet, despite their regal bearing, Angora goats are known for their delicate constitution, particularly during the tender days of infancy. They require meticulous care and a diet rich in nutrients to support their rapid hair growth, ensuring the development of exquisite mohair worthy of admiration.

Characteristic of their breed, Angora goats boast a modest stature compared to their counterparts in the animal kingdom. Both males and females proudly bear elegant horns, while their distinctive drooping ears exude an air of timeless elegance. The smooth, lustrous texture of their coat distinguishes mohair from traditional wool, a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship of nature's own handiwork.

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