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Unmols are a rare breed of horse from north-weste unjab, in Pakistan. In 1995 its conservation status was listed by the FAO as "critical" and they werre described as "nearly extinct". The subsequent (third) edition of the World Watch List for Domestic Animal Diversity, published in 2000, does not mention them; nor wre they among the breeds listed in the Global Databank for Animal Genetic Resources in 2007. Unmol horses are, or were, usually bay or grey.There are or were a small number in India.

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Uzunyayla horses come from the Caucasus. Their origin dates to 1854 in Turkey. They were bred pure in Turkey until 1930, when Anadolu pony and Nonius horses were introduced.

Uzunyayla horses have a large head with a concave profile; their eyes are small; their neck is of medium length; their withers are well pronounced; their legs are strong with good joints; their pasterns are sloped and very strong; their feet are well shaped and have a tough horn. They are usually bay in color. The feathering on their legs are coarse, and their tail grows very long. They stand between 14.1 and 15.1 hands (57 and 61 inches, 145 and 155 cm) high.

They are very good for riding long distances. Uzunyayla horses have a good gallop bu ...

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