About Ventasso HorsesVentasso

The name of this population of horses comes from the mountain of the same name located in the high Val d''Enza, in the province of Reggio Emilia, where the presence of horses has been documented from the times of the Duke Ferdinand of Bourbon to those of the Serenissimi Farnese and the Duchy of Maria Louisa of Austria. Even after the unification of Italy and up to the 1940s these lands continued to supply horses to the army. In the last forty years the stud farm of Ramiseto and the Borzacchi-Bertoldi stud have continued with stallions of English derivation and ‘improved’ maremmanos. In the 1960s the Bertoldis used a Lipizzano stallion and an improved maremmano stallion, from which the majority of the oldest brood mares making up th ...

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About Vestland Fjord HorsesVestland Fjord

The Vestland Fjord is a hardy breed of horse that originates from the rugged and mountainous coastal regions of Western Norway. These horses are known for their strength, endurance, and versatility, making them a popular choice for a variety of activities, including riding, driving, and farm work.

Vestland Fjord horses are characterized by their distinctive appearance, with a thick mane and tail and a short, stocky build. They come in a range of colors, including brown, gray, and black. They are known for their sure-footedness, making them ideal for mountainous terrain, and their good temperaments, making them well-suited for riding and training.

In addition to their versatility, Vestland Fjord horses are also known fo ...

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About Virginia Highlander HorsesVirginia Highlander

Virginia Highlanders are a small breed of horse with a four-beat ambling gait.

The inspiration for the breed was Pogo, a chestnut stallion foaled in 1960, a small crossbred horse, thought to have been sired by a Welsh pony, out of an Arabian/Tennessee Walker mare. He had a natural singlefoot gait. His owner, William M. Pugh, intrigued by the good-natured, naturally gaited stallion, developed a breeding program for small gaited horses, by crossing Pogo and his descendants with other Arabians, Tennessee Walkers, Morgans, and American Saddlebreds as well as Hackney ponies, and Welsh ponies. Horses that met Pugh''s criteria for conformation, disposition and gaited ability were bred on. The registry began with two foundation stal ...

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About Vlaamperd HorsesVlaamperd

Vlaamperds are nearly extinct horses that were developed for draft and riding purposes in South Africa. They were developed in the Western Cape from a 19th century horse called the Hantam Horse. The Hantam Horse came about by crossing Arabians, Thoroughbreds, and local Cape mares. More recently, Friesian stallions were bred with Hantam Mares as were Oldenburgs and Cleveland Bays. The resulting Vlamperd have emerged as a good natured horse breed with graceful conduct and a stylish high stepping action. They can be used under saddle or in harness. The name is derived from the Afrikaans for Flanders'' Horse - the country from which a number of Friesian stallions were later exported to improve the breed.

A famous stallion, " ...

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About Vladimir Heavy Draft HorsesVladimir Heavy Draft

Vladimir Heavy Draft horses come from Vladimir, in the former USSR. They are a strong draft horse of medium size.

They were developed mainly from imported British horses; consisting of the Suffolk Punch, Clydesdale and Shire horses. Some Ardennes and Percheron horses were also used. In 1946, the Vladimir Heavy Draft was found to be breeding sufficiently true to be type to consider it a true breed. This quick-maturing, strong, heavy horse is popular for draft work. It is also used for pulling Vladimir trokia sleighs. Today, they are bred widely.    

Their head is large and long, with a Roman nose (convex profile) or straight. Their jaw line is heavy. Their ears are pricked forward. Their neck is strong and ...

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About Vyatka HorsesVyatka

Vyatka horses have been in danger of extinction for several years. They originated in the areas around Vyatka and Obva river basins of the former USSR and have probably been influenced by both Klepper and Konik ponies, while almost certainly being a descendant of the Tarpan.  

They are extremely useful and versatile ponies and have stamina, hardiness, and endurance. They are used for riding and driving and are commonly used for pulling the traditional troikas; they are also useful for light agricultural work. They have an excellent willing and honest temperament which makes them easy to handle.  

In appearance, they have a wide forehead, small, clean cut head, set onto a strong, thick, fleshy neck. They are v ...

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