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About Ossabaw Island PigsOssabaw Island

Ossabaw Island hogs, or Ossabaw Island pigs, is a breed of pig derived from a population of feral pigs on Ossabaw Island, Georgia, United States. The original Ossabaw hogs are descended from swine released on the island in the 16th century by Spanish explorers. A breeding population has been established on American farms off the island, but they remain a critically endangered variety of pig.

Originally, Ossabaw Island pigs were small, domesticated Spanish range pigs with pricked ears, heavy coats, and long snouts. Over time, some of the pigs escaped and became feral in southeastern forests. While most feral pigs eventually mixed with domestic pigs, the Ossabaw Island pigs are an exception, having remained a distinct and isolate ...

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About Oxford Sandy and Black PigsOxford Sandy and Black

Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs originated in Oxfordshire, UK. Named for its color, which is a base of sandy brown with black patches, the breed is also sometimes called the Plum Pudding or Oxford Forest pig Related to the old Berkshire and Tamworth breeds, they are one of the oldest pigs native to Britain.

Oxford Sandy and Black are a hardy, docile pig suited to being reared outdoors, where its color protects it from sunburn (which pink pigs tend to suffer from). The breed has twice neared extinction, but has recovered due to the efforts of a dedicated breed association.

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