About Ancon SheepAbout Ancon Sheep

Ancon sheep have long bodies with short legs. Their fore-legs are crooked. This type of sheep was bred from a single Massachusetts, USA, lamb. The Ancon sheep are quite desirable because they cannot jump over fences. The Ancon name has been applied to other strains of sheep. Scientists used the Ancon for genetic research and after it was no longer needed for study it was allowed to become extinct. Excavations of the Ancon have been done in the United Kingdom. They have found that the Ancon has a history that dates back to AD 1500. The Ancon sheep have quite a few unique features that were caused by dwarf mutation. They were well-known in the state of Massachusetts in the 1700s. Sheep owners preferred this species as it made things go smooth on the farm because they could not escape easily.

The Ancon breed was also called the Otter breed. Ancon sheep owners had reduced the need for fences. These sheep were a lot less active and gained more weight because they could not run. They were gentler than other breeds of sheep. Charles Darwin used the Ancon breed of sheep for evidence of evolution. This type of sheep was often discussed in his published books. Some scientists stated that the Ancon sheep were deformed animals. The sheep condition was caused by a mutation. They had no cartilage between the joints in their legs. Their condition resulted in rapid extinction. They had slow limb growth and abnormal skulls and spines.

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