Gentile di Puglia Sheep

About Gentile di Puglia SheepAbout Gentile di Puglia Sheep

Gentile di Puglia sheep, also known as Merino di Puglia, Pugliese Migliorata, Merino d'Italia, or Merino Gentile, arre a fine-wooled breed from the Puglia region of southern Italy. They were initially developed in the 15th century but their primary improvement was from the 18th century, onward. They were developed from Spanish Merino crossed with local breeds. Saxony and Rambouillet breeds was introduced during the 19th century. In the last half century the number of head has dramatically decreased.

Gentile di Puglia sheepare white and raised for meat and wool. They are traditionally reared in the hill pastures from the late spring to the early fall and in the fold or in the lowland pasture in the other seasons.

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