Painted Desert Sheep

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Painted Desert Sheep are spotted hair sheep that receive most of their influence from Mouflon sheep. Before being established as a separate breed, they were considered by many to be a parti-colored Corsican. Other early influence came from Merino and Rambouillet sheep, and a few four-horned individuals stem from Jacob or Churro ancestry. Long desired by hunters because of the large horns and aesthetic, flashy looks, the Painted Desert is now popular among exotic and alternative livestock fanciers.

Painted Desert sheep shed their short winter wool naturally each spring, leaving a glossy, slick coat. Their colors can be very wild with mixes of up to four or five colors. They breed out of season and lamb twice a year, with twins and even triplets occurring often. They produce a carcass of lean meat without a muttony taste. Rams must show Mouflon influence by sporting a luxurious mane in addition to large, heavy horns of homonymous, supracervical or polycerate types. Some ewes may be horned.

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