Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys

About Dindon rouge des Ardennes TurkeysAbout Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys

Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys, or the red Turkey Ardennes, first arrive in the Ardennes to the 16th century.

Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys were popular for a long time in the Ardennes. For example, it was one of the most famous dishes served when Charles IX , celebrated his wedding to Elisabeth of Austria. However, over time it has become less popular and almost became extinct.

In 1985 Jean-Michel Devress decided to revive the variety, and worked with local business to breed and promote them. In 1985, there were only fifty Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys farms in the Ardennes, but by 1998 there were over 8,000 Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys in the Ardennes .

Dindon rouge des Ardennes Turkeys have red plumage, the color of fresh rust. They are a hardy breed, relatively slow growing (seven to eight months), good flyers, and good layer.