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Bison Millions of bison once thundered across America. Today, approximately 500,000 bison live across North America. Bison are large, even-toed ungulates in the genus Bison within the subfamily Bovinae. The America Bison has two subspecies, the Plains Bison and the Wood Bison. Four extinct species were the North American: Bison antiquus, B. latifrons, and B. occidentalis, as well as the B. priscus that ranged across Western Europe and Central Asia. The 2 existing species are the American bison, B. bison, found only in North America, and often referred as a "buffalo" and B. bonasus, or Wisent, is found in Europe and the Caucasus.

Sometimes bison are bred with domestic cattle and produce fertile offspring called Beefalo or Zubron.

Bison Colors

come in the following colors:
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Light Brown