About Jamaica Black CattleJamaica Black

Jamaica Black is a breed of cattle that is indigenous to Jamaica. They are small to medium in size, with a compact and muscular build. The breed is characterized by its distinctive black coat, which is why it is called the Jamaica Black. This breed is known for its hardiness, resistance to diseases, and ability to adapt to tropical climates, making it a popular choice for small-scale farmers in Jamaica. Jamaica Black cattle are known for their good meat quality and are used for both beef and dairy production.

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About Jamaica Hope CattleJamaica Hope

The Jamaica Hope cattle breed is a dairy breed that originated from Hope Farm in Jamaica and is a cross between Jersey cattle and Zebu cattle, also known as Jersey-Zebu or Montgomery-Jersey. This breed is known for its high milk production, high butterfat content, and adaptability to tropical climates, making it a popular choice for small-scale dairy farming in Jamaica.

Dr. Thomas Lecky, a pioneer in Jamaican agricultural science, played a significant role in the development of the Jamaica Hope breed through a government-initiated crossbreeding program at Hope Farm that started in 1910. The goal was to create a dairy animal that could withstand the tropical climate and produce milk even in poor pasture conditions. The breed is co ...

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About Jamaica Red CattleJamaica Red

Developers created the Jamaica Red breed by crossbreeding Red Poll cattle with limited amounts of zebu breeding to improve their adaptation to the climate. During the late 19th century, England imported Red Poll cattle to enhance the milk production of native cattle, and a portion of the herd remained relatively pure, possibly including South Devon. To increase the herd''s tolerance of the region, developers introduced zebu breeding to these herds. However, continued importation of cattle from England limited the zebu''s influence in the breed, and breeders selected against animals with humps, excess dewlaps or sheaths, further restricting the amount of zebu. The breeders aimed to maintain high milk production without sacrificing the beefin ...

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About Jarmelista CattleJarmelista

The Jarmelista breed originates from the Central Portugal region near Serra da Estrela and is primarily utilized for beef production. This breed is only found in the Guarda district of Continental Portugal.

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About Jem-Jem CattleJem-Jem

Jem-Jem, or black highland, cattle are a sub-breed of Zebu Cattle. See Zebu cattle to learn more.

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About Jersey CattleJersey

<a href = http://livestockofamerica.com/Ranches/Ranchhome.asp?CurrentPeopleID=2005 class = body>Photo supplied by ChuloWat Farms</a> Jersey Cattle, or Alderney Cattle, are a small breed of dairy cattle from Jersey, a small British island in the English Channel off the coast of France. They are popular because their milk has high butterfat content and they are lower maintenance cattle. They are one of the oldest breeds of dairy breeds – they originated nearly six centuries ago. They were brought to the United States in the 1850''s.

Jersey herds are found from Denmark to Australia and New Zealand, from Canada to South America, and from South Africa to Japan. They are excellent grazers and perform well in intensive grazing programs. They are more tolerant of heat than the larger breeds. With an average weight of 900 pounds, the Jersey produces more pound ...

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About Jijiga  CattleJijiga

Source: www.imago-images.com In the rugged landscapes of the Jijiga Zone in eastern Ethiopia, a breed of cattle known as Jijiga cattle emerges as a resilient force of nature. These creatures, part of the esteemed Zebu lineage, possess a stoic demeanor and a robust physique that belies their harsh environment.

In appearance, they stand at a medium-sized stature, boasting a muscular build that speaks to their endurance. Adorned with a distinctive hump upon their shoulders, a trademark feature of their Zebu heritage, their coats display a spectrum of colors ranging from the ethereal whites to the deep, earthy tones of grey, brown, and even black. Long, drooping ears and formidable horns accentuate their commanding presence, a testament to their genetic lineage. ...

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About Jutland CattleJutland

Jutland cattle are a rare Danish breed of cattle used in both dairy and beef production. Bred from the indigenous cattle of Jutland the breed could be light gray, dark gray or black pied with upward curving horns. The first herdbook published in 1881 had a small dairy type and a larger beef type. The dairy cows were small, averaging 120 cm high and weighing 350 kg, producing between 800 and 1000 kg of milk per lactation.

In the first half of the 20th century the breed was extensively crossed with Dutch black and white cattle to boost milk production. By 1949 Dutch cattle and crosses were accepted into the herdbook and the name was changed to Danish Black and White Cattle. In 1955 the last purebred young bull was exhibited. Since ...

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