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Photo source: SINA English News The Qinchuan breed of cattle from China''s Guanzhong Plain is becoming a formidable rival to world-famous beef-producing breeds. Known for its exceptional meat, Qinchuan Cattle were originally used as draft animals due to their muscular build and ability to pull heavy loads. However, they are now being used increasingly for beef production.

At maturity, Qinchuan bulls reach an average height of 142 cm and weigh nearly 600 kg, while cows stand at around 125 cm and weigh 380 kg. They have a distinct reddish-purple or yellow-red color and are usually easy to handle due to their years of use as draft animals. The breed has short, thick horns, a pink-yellow muzzle, and well-developed dewlaps.

Qinchuan Cattle have a carcass ...

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The Queensland Miniature Boran is a smaller variation of the Boran cattle breed. It was developed by breeding down the standard-sized Boran to produce a smaller, more compact version. This breed is known for its gentle disposition, hardiness, and adaptability to different climates. They are often white or grey with black points, but can also be found in red or pied. Queensland Miniature Borans are primarily used as a meat breed and are noted for their high fertility and early maturity. They are also well-suited for life in hot, dry environments, and are known for their resistance to ticks and eye diseases, as well as their ability to survive on low-quality feed and limited water supplies.

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