About Braunes Bergschaf SheepAbout Braunes Bergschaf Sheep

Braunes Bergschaf, or Brown Mountain, sheep are from the alpine regions of Bavaria (Germany), Tyrol (Austria), Southern Tyrol (Italy), and the Swiss Canton of Engadine. In recent years, Braunes Bergschaf Sheep have gained popularity beyond their original borders. Brown Mountain Sheep are descended from the Tyrolean Steinschaf (Stone Sheep), which can be of all colors, one color per sheep, and is rarely white.

 Braunes Bergschaf are medium-sized with a slender, hornless head, and a Roman nose profile. Their ears are long, broad, and hanging. They have strong legs with hard hoofs. They are extremely hardy and show no fear of heights. Non- seasonal breeding is possible three times in two years, and twins are the norm.