About California Red SheepAbout California Red Sheep

California Red are medium-wool meat and wool sheep developed in 1970. They are a cross between Barbados and Tunis sheep.  

Mature rams weigh 225 to 250 pounds and ewes range from 130 to 150 pounds. Both sexes are naturally hornless. Lambs are born a solid rust or cinnamon red color, a color that is retained as they mature.  

At maturity, their fleeces turn a beige or oatmeal color. Their legs and faces are free of wool with long pendulous ears. Their wool is silky in texture and has found a specialty market with hand-spinners and weavers. They breed all year-round.

California Red Sheep Associations

Natural Colored Wool Growers Association Natural Colored Wool Growers Association - www.ncwga.org