About Dorper SheepAbout Dorper Sheep

Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Photo Source: National Sheep Association
Dorper Sheep are renowned for their distinctive coloration, appearing predominantly white with a striking black head. Despite their white appearance, they are genetically black sheep, characterized by a large white spot covering their entire body except for the head. This unique color pattern is commonly referred to as "black headed Dorper."

In addition to their striking appearance, Dorper Sheep are highly valued for their superior meat quality and ease of care. They are known for their exceptional adaptability and require minimal maintenance compared to other breeds. The breed standards for both the Dorper and White Dorper are the same, except for differences in color and markings.

The White Dorper shares the same labor-saving qualities and excellent carcass characteristics as the Dorper breed. However, as its name suggests, the White Dorper is genetically white, ensuring that all its offspring will inherit the white coloration unless bred with a black sheep. This distinction between the Dorper and White Dorper allows breeders to select sheep based on their preferred coloration while still benefiting from the breed's desirable traits.