About Mehraban SheepAbout Mehraban Sheep

Mehraban sheep, originating from the western province of Hamadan in Iran, hold a significant presence in the region as the predominant breed. Primarily raised for meat production, with an estimated population of around 3 million heads, Mehraban sheep are renowned for several key attributes.

One of the notable characteristics of Mehraban sheep is their exceptional reproductive performance. They are known for their high fertility rates and multiple births, which contribute to increased productivity in meat production. Additionally, Mehraban sheep exhibit a high survival rate from birth to weaning, reflecting their adaptability and robustness in challenging environmental conditions.

In terms of wool quality, Mehraban sheep produce a light brown carpet wool that holds significant value in the production of Persian carpets. This wool is prized for its quality and characteristics that make it suitable for traditional carpet weaving techniques, adding to the cultural and economic significance of the breed in the region.

Overall, Mehraban sheep play a crucial role in the agricultural landscape of the western province of Hamadan, contributing to meat production and the traditional carpet industry while showcasing notable traits such as high fertility, multiple births, and the production of quality wool.