About Altamurana SheepAbout Altamurana Sheep

Photo source: Agraria.org
Photo source: Agraria.org
Altamurana sheep, native to the sun-drenched landscapes of the Bari and Foggia Provinces in the Apulia Region of southern Italy, represent a resilient and versatile breed of medium-sized milk sheep.

Distinguished by their pristine white coats occasionally adorned with dark spots on their faces, Altamurana sheep exhibit a remarkable ability to thrive in arid soils, reflecting their adaptation to the challenging environmental conditions of their native region.

The lineage of Altamurana sheep traces back to the ovine ancestors of Asian descent or Syrian origins, particularly the Sanson and Zackei stocks. This rich heritage contributes to their robust genetic makeup and unique characteristics that enable them to flourish in their natural habitat.

As an integral part of the agricultural landscape of southern Italy, Altamurana sheep play a vital role in the dairy industry, providing a sustainable source of milk and embodying the enduring resilience and adaptability of livestock breeds in the face of diverse environmental challenges.