About Kuri CattleAbout Kuri Cattle

Kuri are a humpless-longhorned group of cattle from central Africa. They are raised for meat, milk and work. They are intolerant of heat, sunlight, and can not stand long periods of drought. They are good swimmers and spend much of their time in Lake Chad. They are heavy, ranging anywhere from 800 to 1100 pounds, which makes it unusual that they are good swimmers; however, they have huge unusual horns that some believe help them stay afloat.

While Kuri cattle are specific to the lands around Lake Chad, it has been hard to get a stable number of how many exist. However, there is evidence that shows declining populations throughout the last couple of decades. One of the reasons for Kuri's declining numbers is believed to be due to the interbreeding of them with zebu cattle.

Content and Photo Source: Wikipedia.Org