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In the freshwater realm, where the rivers flow,
Morelet's Crocodiles, they put on a show.
Their skin, a blend of brown and gray,
Camouflaged hunters, they stealthily sway

Oh, Morelet's Crocodiles, in their waters they reside,
With their broad snouts and powerful stride.
Ambush predators, masters of disguise,
Surviving in their world with fierce, watchful eyes.

From Mexico to Belize, and Guatemala too,
These crocodiles thrive, their numbers renew.
Their tails, like drums, beat in rhythmic grace,
As they navigate their domain with a steady pace.

Their webbed feet, they glide through the streams,
Swiftly swimming, chasing their dreams.
Opportunistic feeders, in the depths they'll explore,
Hunting fish, amphibians, and more.

Protected by law, their existence we'll secure,
For Morelet's Crocodiles, we must endure.
Let the rhythms of nature guide our way,
Preserving their habitat, day by day.