About Albanian DonkeysAbout Albanian Donkeys

Locally Albanian Donkeys are referred to as "gomari". They are kept as pack animals or for farm work.

Donkeys have a long history in Albania, especially in coastal and hilly regions, and are believed to have migrated into the country originally from the Adriatic coast centuries ago with the development of trade connections between Persia, Egypt, and Greece. 

They evolved locally more by natural selection than focused breeding, and they continue to be useful in rural area where the conditions are harsh.

Their coat is grey, black, reddish, or "purple". Because of conditions in Albania, they are small (averaging 107 cm at the withers).

In 2013 there were roughly 55,000 Albanian donkeys, and unfortunately their numbers are diminishing. However, small family farmers have turned increasingly to using more animals on farms because of high prices for mechanical work.

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