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Toulouse Geese are a breed of domestic geese that are widely kept for meat, eggs, and down production. They are named after the city of Toulouse in southwestern France and are one of the largest and most popular breeds of geese. Here are some notable characteristics of Toulouse Geese:

  • Physical appearance: Toulouse Geese are large birds, weighing between 12 and 20 pounds. They have a round, full body, a short neck, and a wide, flat beak. They are gray in color, with black or dark gray underbelly and white or light gray legs and feet.
  • Temperament: Toulouse Geese are known for their gentle and docile personality, making them popular as pet geese. However, they can also be quite vocal and protective of their owners and territory.
  • Production: Toulouse Geese are valued for their meat, which is considered to be among the best of all domestic geese. They are also good layers of large, white eggs, and their down is prized for its warmth and softness.
  • History: Toulouse Geese have a long and fascinating history, with records of the breed dating back to the 17th century. They were developed from the wild Greylag Goose and were used for meat production and for hunting. They were introduced to the United States in the late 1800s and have since become a popular breed for commercial and backyard flocks.
  • Care: Toulouse Geese are relatively hardy and easy to care for, but they do require adequate space and good nutrition to thrive. They are also susceptible to some common poultry diseases, such as avian influenza, so proper biosecurity measures should be taken to protect the flock.

Overall, Toulouse Geese are a versatile and valuable breed that have made a significant contribution to the poultry industry and are enjoyed by farmers and backyard enthusiasts alike.