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Photo Source: Wikipedia.org
Photo Source: Wikipedia.org

Sebastopol Geese are a breed of domestic geese that are prized for their unique appearance and soft, curly feathers. They are kept for ornamental purposes and also for meat and egg production. Here are some notable characteristics of Sebastopol Geese:

  • Physical appearance: Sebastopol Geese are medium-sized birds, with males weighing up to 12 pounds and females up to 10 pounds. They have a long neck, a plump body, and a wide, flat beak. They are mostly white in color, with a distinctive head and neck that is covered in long, curly feathers that resemble fur.
  • Temperament: Sebastopol Geese are known for their playful and friendly nature, and are often kept as pets or in small flocks. They are also relatively quiet and are well-suited for suburban or urban flocks.
  • Production: Sebastopol Geese are good layers of large, white eggs and are also valued for their meat. They are efficient foragers and good converters of feed into meat, making them a valuable addition to a backyard flock or commercial operation.
  • History: The origins of Sebastopol Geese are not well documented, but they are believed to have been developed in the United States. Today, Sebastopol Geese are widely kept throughout the world for their ornamental qualities and for meat and egg production.
  • Care: Sebastopol Geese are hardy and easy to care for, but they do require adequate space and good nutrition to thrive. They are also susceptible to some common poultry diseases, such as avian influenza, so proper biosecurity measures should be taken to protect the flock.