Bionda dell'Adamello Goats

About Bionda dell'Adamello GoatsAbout Bionda dell'Adamello Goats

Bionda dell'Adamello goats are from the northern Italian Region of Lombardia. They got their name from the color of their hair - Bionda in Italian means Fair - and from the mountain "Adamello" which is part of the Italian Alps.

Bionda dell'Adamello goats appear to be of ancient origin. A painting from about 1760 by the Milanese painter Francesco Londonio shows a Bionda dell'Adamello goat.

Bionda dell'Adamello goats are used for milking, for cheese production; usually Fatuli and the Mascarpi cheese. They are noted for producing around 350 kilos of milk with 3.2% of fats and 2.96% of proteins. In some management, milk production can reach 500 kilos.

Bionda dell'Adamello goat’s hair is very long and light brown. Their ears are white as well as the second thighs under the hock and the knee, the inside of the thighs and the abdomen. In order to belong to the Bionda dell' Adamello breed standard, the goat must have two parallel white strips on its snout.