About Dera Din Panah GoatsAbout Dera Din Panah Goats

Source: www.roysfarm.com
Source: www.roysfarm.com

Dera Din Panah goats, originating from the Multan and Muzaffargarh districts of the Punjab province in Pakistan, are renowned for their robust physique and distinct physical characteristics. These goats boast a well-developed body adorned with long, lustrous black hair, which adds to their striking appearance. Their most notable features include their long, hanging, and twisted ears, along with spiral horns that contribute to their unique and imposing presence.
Primarily bred for milk production, Dera Din Panah goats are valued for their impressive productivity in dairy farming. With an average daily milk production of 2.5 liters, these goats play a crucial role in meeting the dairy needs of local communities and contributing to the dairy industry in the region.
The breed's significance is further emphasized by its substantial registered population, which was reported as 142,403 in 2006. This sizable population underscores the breed's popularity and economic importance in the agricultural landscape of the Punjab province in Pakistan. Dera Din Panah goats are prized assets for local farmers, providing a reliable source of milk and contributing to the livelihoods of many households in the region.