About Loashan GoatsAbout Loashan Goats

Loashan Goats, indigenous to the picturesque landscapes of the Shandong Province in China, trace their origins back to a fascinating history of crossbreeding and selective breeding. In 1904, German preachers embarked on a mission of genetic enhancement, meticulously crossing local goat breeds with the esteemed Saanen Goats to create a new lineage with superior dairy traits.

Over the past seven decades, these goats have undergone a remarkable transformation through continuous upgrading and rigorous selection processes. Today, they stand as epitomes of refinement, bearing striking resemblances to their purebred Saanen counterparts in both physique and milk production prowess.

Loashan Goats boast a harmonious blend of robust body structure and exceptional milk-producing capabilities, a testament to the success of decades-long breeding programs aimed at enhancing their genetic potential. Through meticulous selection and strategic breeding, they have evolved to mirror the esteemed traits of purebred Saanen goats, offering a valuable contribution to the dairy industry in the region.