About Cabra Majorera GoatsAbout Cabra Majorera Goats

The Cabra Majorera, also known as the Fuerteventura Goat, stands as a proud symbol of the rich dairy heritage of the Canary Islands. Renowned for its role in the production of Majorero cheese, this breed of dairy goat embodies resilience and strength.

Majorera Goats are not merely livestock; they are esteemed partners in the culinary traditions of the region, contributing to the creation of Majorero cheese, a delicacy beloved by locals and sought after by connoisseurs worldwide. The distinctive flavor and quality of this cheese owe much to the rich and creamy milk produced by these resilient goats.

Beyond the shores of the Canary Islands, Majorera Goats have ventured far and wide, finding homes in diverse regions of Africa and Latin America. Their adaptability and robust nature make them valuable assets in various agricultural landscapes, where they continue to make significant contributions to local dairy industries.