Rove Goats

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Rove Goats were first domesticated in Le Rove, France near Marseille. They were once considered endangered, but as of 2003, there are more than 5000 registered Roves on French farms. The goat was originally bred for meat, but because the current French market for goat meat is poor, farmers have begun to use the Rove for dairying, instead.

Rove Goats are primarily characterized by its long twisted horns. They can reach nearly 4 ft in length. The goats have a smooth coat often in red or black, but also in ash gray, red speckled with white, red mixed with gray, black with tan markings under the eyes and nose or red and black.

It is a medium sized goat. Females range from 100 to 120 lbs and males between 155 to 200 lbs.