About Bormina GoatsAbout Bormina Goats

Source: Agraria.org.
Source: Agraria.org.

Bormina goats, originating from the picturesque region of Bormio in Northern Italy, are a delightful fusion of local Italian goat varieties and the esteemed Toggenburg Goats from Switzerland. Renowned for their exceptional milk production, these goats thrive in the fertile valleys and alpine meadows of Valtellina, where they contribute to the rich dairy heritage of the region.

With their medium to large build and captivating light brown to red-brown coats, Bormina goats embody the rustic charm of their mountainous surroundings. Their robust stature and adaptability to the rugged terrain make them well-suited for the demanding conditions of their native landscape.

Bred for their superior milk production, Bormina goats are valued for the quality and quantity of milk they provide, contributing to the esteemed dairy traditions of Bormio and beyond. Their harmonious blend of local Italian genetics and the distinguished lineage of Toggenburg goats from Switzerland ensures they stand out as a prized breed in the realm of dairy farming in Northern Italy.