About Cilentana Fulva GoatsAbout Cilentana Fulva Goats

Source: Agraia.org
Source: Agraia.org

Cilentana Fulva goats, adorned in hues of vibrant red, hail from the sun-kissed lands of southern Italy. Revered for their remarkable resilience and adaptability to the challenging local terrain characterized by rugged hills and arid soils, these goats stand as testament to nature's ability to thrive amidst adversity.

These goats are revered not only for their striking appearance but also for their invaluable contributions to the agricultural landscape of the region. Raised with care and reverence, Cilentana Fulva goats serve as dual-purpose assets, providing both nourishing milk and succulent meat to sustain local communities.

In stature, they are of medium size, with males standing proud at 80 cm high at the withers and boasting a weight ranging between 55-60 kg. Their female counterparts, slightly more petite, stand at 69 cm high and weigh between 40-45 kg, reflecting their graceful yet robust physique.

As guardians of ancient agricultural traditions and cherished members of the local ecosystem, Cilentana Fulva goats symbolize the enduring bond between humanity and the land, embodying the essence of resilience and vitality that defines the spirit of southern Italy.