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Photo Source: Agraria.org
Photo Source: Agraria.org

.In the picturesque valleys of Valtellina, Valmalenco, and Valchiavenna, Italy, roams a breed of goats as majestic as the rugged landscape they call home - the Pedula della Valtellina. These medium-large creatures, reminiscent of their Alpine counterparts, grace the fertile pastures with their gentle presence and sturdy demeanor.

Admired for their dairy prowess and docile disposition, the Pedula della Valtellina embodies the essence of traditional goat husbandry in the region. With a coat of short, thick beige hair, accented by striking grey tones and distinctive black streaks adorning their heads, toes, sub-caudal area, and breastbone, they are a sight to behold amidst the verdant meadows and rolling hills.

Two distinct types of Pedula della Valtellina exist - the classical type, characterized by rich black chamois shades, and the Mogna type, which boasts white or whitish hues. Regardless of type, both exhibit the signature sabre-shaped horns that adorn the heads of males and females alike, a testament to their genetic heritage and resilience in the face of their mountainous habitat.

In the tranquil valleys of Valtellina, Valmalenco, and Valchiavenna, the Pedula della Valtellina flourishes, its presence a harmonious blend of beauty and utility, a living embodiment of the deep-rooted agricultural traditions that have shaped the landscape for generations.