About Roccaverano GoatsAbout Roccaverano Goats

Photo Source: Agraria.org
Photo Source: Agraria.org

Roccaverano Goats, regarded as an indigenous breed of the Alta Langa Val Bormida region in Italy, proudly stand as the most prevalent goat breed in their ancestral homeland. Belonging to the esteemed Alpine group of Goats, they embody the rugged spirit of their mountainous terrain.

Draped in a luxurious long-haired coat that showcases a splendid array of colors, ranging from serene beige to bold black, pristine white, or earthy brown, these goats epitomize natural beauty in all its diversity. Their coats may boast a charming pied pattern, adding a touch of whimsy to their rustic allure.

Typically devoid of horns, Roccaverano Goats exude a gentle demeanor, their serene presence harmonizing with the tranquil landscapes of Alta Langa Val Bormida. Their primary vocation revolves around the production of exquisite milk, a prized ingredient in the creation of the renowned Robiola of Roccaverano cheese.

Inscribed in the cultural heritage of their region, these goats serve as custodians of tradition, their milk weaving a narrative of centuries-old craftsmanship and culinary excellence. With each drop of milk, they pay homage to the rich culinary legacy of their homeland, ensuring that the legacy of Roccaverano's gastronomic heritage endures for generations to come.