About Selvatica di Joura GoatsAbout Selvatica di Joura Goats

Source: Agraria.org
Source: Agraria.org

Selvatica di Joura Goats, distinguished specimens of their breed, thrive in the vicinity of the ConSDABI (Consortium for Experimentation, Divulgation, and Application of Innovative Biotechniques) located in Circello, Benevento. In this picturesque setting, nestled amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscapes, these goats are raised with meticulous care and attention to detail.

Under the stewardship of the ConSDABI, these exemplary goats exemplify the pinnacle of selective breeding and agricultural innovation. Through generations of careful breeding and rigorous selection criteria, the Selvatica di Joura Goats raised here embody the finest traits and characteristics of their breed.

Beneath the azure skies of Circello, these goats roam freely, grazing on lush pastures and foraging amidst the natural abundance of the countryside. Their robust health and vitality are a testament to the pristine environment in which they are raised, nurtured by the pure air and fertile soils of the Benevento region.

As ambassadors of their breed, the Selvatica di Joura Goats near ConSDABI serve as living testaments to the dedication and expertise of the farmers and researchers who tirelessly work to preserve and enhance the genetic heritage of these magnificent animals. Their presence enriches the agricultural landscape of Benevento, contributing to the legacy of sustainable farming practices and innovative biotechniques championed by the ConSDABI.