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Alpine goats, sometimes referred to as the Alpine Dairy, are hardy medium-sized milking goats.

Alpine goats are originally from the French Alps. They have no set markings and they have erect ears, horns, and have a dish-face. They have a straight face with a Roman nose. Mature female Alpine goats weigh around 125 lbs, and are about 30 inches tall at the shoulder.

Alpine goats can range from white or gray to brown and black. Alpine colors are described by using the following terms:

·Cou Blanc - (coo blanc) literally "white neck" - white front quarters and black hindquarters with black or gray markings on the head.

·Cou Clair - (coo clair) Literally "clear neck" - front quarters are tan, saffron, off-white, or shading to gray with black hindquarters.

·Cou Noir (coo nwah) literally "black neck" - Black front quarters and white hindquarters.

·Sundgau - (sundgow) black with white markings such as underbody, facial stripes, etc.

·Pied - spotted or mottled.

·Chamoisee - (shamwahzay) brown or bay - characteristic markings are black face, dorsal stripe, feet and legs and sometimes a martingale running over the withers and down to the chest. Spelling for male is chamoise.

·Two-tone Chamoisee - light front quarters with brown or grey hindquarters. This is not a cou blanc or cou clair as these terms are reserved for animals with black hindquarters.

·Broken Chamoisee - a solid chamoisee broken with another color by being banded or splashed, etc.

Any variation in the above patterns broken with white should be described as a broken pattern such as a broken cou blanc.

Alpine Goats are hardy, adaptable milk goats that thrive in almost any climate while maintaining good health and excellent production.

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