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The Nubian, or Anglo Nubian, is an all-purpose goat, useful for meat, milk and hide production. Nubian goats are known for the high butterfat content of their milk, although on average, the breed produces less milk than other dairy breeds.

Nubian goats are named for Nubia, in northeastern Africa. The originally goats imported from Africa, Arabia, and India were long-legged, hardy goats that had some characteristics desired by goat breeders in England. English breeders crossed these imported bucks with the common short-haired does of England prior to 1895 to develop the Nubian goat.

Due to their Middle-Eastern heritage, Nubians can live in very hot climates and have a longer breeding season than other dairy goats. Since they are so well suited for hot conditions, Nubian goats have been used in improving breeding programs in many tropical countries to increase the milk and meat production of local breeds.

Nubian goats are a relatively large, proud, and graceful dairy goat. Does weigh at least 135 pounds (61 kg) and bucks weigh at least 175 pounds (79kg). The minimum height of the Nubian goats, measured at the withers, is 30 inches (76 cm) for does and 35 inches (89 cm) for bucks. Like most dairy goats, they are normally kept hornless by disbudding within approximately two weeks of birth.

Nubian goats have long and wide ears which are not thick but with the well-defined cartilage. Their hair is short, fine and glossy and they have a distinctive "Roman" nose.

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