Bagot Goats

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For several hundred years bagot goats have lived semi-wild atBlithfield Hall in Staffordshire, England. Bagot goats were introduced to England at Blithfield Hall in the 1380s. They were probably brought back to England by returning Crusaders, and probably trace their ancestry to goats of the Rhone valley. The goats were said to have been given to John Bagot of Blithfield by King Richard II of England to commemorate the good hunting the King had enjoyed at Blithfield.

Bagot goats are small and have a black head and neck but a white body.

The breed is nearly extinct: in 1998 there were approximately 200 Bagot pedigree nannies in Great Britain. According to legend when the Bagot goat breed dies out, the Bagot family will die out as well.