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Boer Goats, originating from South Africa, are renowned as a meat breed and derive their name from the Afrikaans word "boer," meaning farmer.

Initially developed through selective breeding, Boer Goats likely have ancestry tracing back to indigenous goat populations of the Namaqua Bushmen and the Fooku tribes, possibly influenced by Indian and European bloodlines. Selected for their meat-producing qualities, these goats have evolved into a fast-growing breed with exceptional carcass characteristics, earning them global popularity among meat goat breeds.

Boer Goats exhibit a remarkable resistance to diseases and thrive in hot, dry semi-desert environments. In the United States, they are predominantly found in west-central Texas, initially introduced from New Zealand before later imports directly from South Africa.

Typically, Boer Goats have white bodies with brown heads, although some individuals may display entirely brown or white coloration. Resembling Nubian goats, they feature long, pendulous ears. Known for their docile nature, rapid growth, and high fertility rates, Boer Goats are also recognized for the superior mothering abilities of their does. Mature bucks weigh between 110 to 135 kg (240-300 lb), while mature does typically range from 90 to 100 kg (200-220 lb).

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