About Bilberry GoatsAbout Bilberry Goats

Bilberry goats are a unique breed of feral goats that are believed to have lived in one herd on Bilberry Rock in Waterford City in the south of Ireland for hundreds of years. They are large, with shaggy coats and very large horns. Bilberry goats are not like any other breed of goat found in Ireland or Great Britain, the Bilberry herd is thought to be related to Pashmina, Maltese or Cashmere goats. Locals believe they came over with the Huguenots from France over 300 years ago and have lived on Bilberry Rock ever since.

Unfortunately they are close to extinction: there were only 21 in 2005. Luckily a local charitable society of volunteers, The Bilberry Goat Heritage Trust was set up in 2000 to care for the animals. The herd continues to recover.