About Dutch Landrace GoatsAbout Dutch Landrace Goats

Dutch Landrace Goats, originating from the Netherlands, stand as a testament to the rich heritage of the region's agricultural traditions. Belonging to the esteemed lineage of northwest European "Landrace" goat breeds, they are considered one of the original breeds indigenous to the Netherlands.

These goats are characterized by their medium size and distinctive horns, which contribute to their robust appearance. While they may vary in color, ranging across a spectrum of hues, the classic Toggenburg coloration is notably absent in this breed.

The history of Dutch Landrace Goats is marked by a period of decline, with only two individuals remaining in 1958. However, through dedicated efforts and breeding programs focused on preserving the breed's genetic diversity, their population has experienced a significant resurgence. Today, thanks to the collective efforts of organizations such as the L.F.N.L. (Dutch Breeders Association of the Dutch Landrace), there are over a thousand Dutch Landrace Goats thriving under the care of passionate breeders, ensuring the preservation of this cherished breed for future generations.