About Jining Grey GoatsAbout Jining Grey Goats

Jining Grey Goats are from the Shandong Province of China, where they are used for kid pelt and cashmere fiber production. They are known for the attractive wavy patterns of its kid-pelt.

Well-raised Does raised reached maturity at 3-4 months of age, and may give two kiddings a year, or three kiddings in two years. They are very prolific, with an average kidding rate of 294 percent.

Both genders have horns and carry a forelock. Their color patterns vary between black, white or black and white. They are a small bodied goat with the males weighing approximately 33.2 kg (~75 lbs) and the females 25.4 kg (~56 lbs).

Jining Grey Goats also are used for cashmere. The production from the males will range from 50-150 g with cashmere fiber being 18-30 percent of the total fleece. Production in the females is lower, ranging from 25-50 g and cashmere comprising 16-20 percent of the fleece. The fiber diameter in both genders averages 13.0 microns.