Kamori Goats

About Kamori GoatsAbout Kamori Goats

Kamori goats are a popular breed of milk goats found in the districts of Dadu, Larkana and Nawab Shah in the Sind Province, Pakistan. They are famous because of their long ears and huge body, also for their unique color. A purebred Kamori goat has dark brown color with coffee or dark faun color small patches over its entire body.

Purebred Kamori goats are very expensive and rare. However farmers crossbred pure Kamori Goats with Patairee Goats, another famous breed found in Sindh province, and the resulting goat breed is mostly recognized as Kamori by common people because of its same body structure. This hybrid goat has become more popular among people because of its beautiful colors and lesser price as compare to pure Kamori Goats.