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Kiko Goats were bred in New Zealand for meat production. The Maori word “Kiko” means flesh or meat. The breed was developed by Garrick and Anne Batten of Nelson in the northern South Island. The Kiko breed was established by crossbreeding selected feral does with Anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg and Saanen bucks, with further cross-breeding in the second and third generations. After four generations of selective breeding – selection being on the grounds of survivability and growth rate in a hill country environment – a dramatic improvement in live weight and animal performance was achieved. By 1986 the Kiko breed was established and the herd was closed to further cross-breeding. Within New Zealand, control of the breed has remained with the original developers.

In the 1990s, ranchers began importing Kiko Goats into North America and organized the American Kiko Goat Association. In 2000, the American Kiko Goat Association purchased the North American Kiko Goat Registry. This is the only Kiko registry that has a seamless ancestry dating back to the first imports.

There are now two major Kiko goat registries in North American, International Kiko Goat Association and American Kiko Goat Association. The American Kiko Goat Association requires that all sires be genotyped and match their sire DNA, and all purebred does born on or after January 1, 2008, will be genotyped to increase the accuracy of the registry. The International Kiko Goat Association offers the same services but concentrates more on the actual traits that make the Kiko a superior production animal.

Interest continues to increase in the consistent traits and characteristics of Kiko goats. Whether raised Kiko on Kiko, or crossed with other breeds, Kikos bring improvement in profits because of their low maintenance, high rate of growth, resistance and tolerance to parasites, excellent maternal instincts, ease of kidding, vigor of newborn kids, and because of the incorporation of milk breeds in the creation of Kiko, an ample milk supply to raise twins that gain quickly to earlier sale weights.

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