About Mini Oberhasli GoatsAbout Mini Oberhasli Goats

Mini Oberhasli, also known as Oberians or formally referred to as Miniature Oberhasli, goats are a delightful fusion of Nigerian Dwarf and Oberhasli breeds, specifically bred for their dairy prowess. These diminutive dairy darlings are prized for their milk production, churning out an impressive 4 to 10 pounds of milk per day.

Registered by the privately owned Miniature Dairy Goat Association (MDGA) and The Miniature Goat Registry, these goats have specific height standards. Does must measure at least 21 inches tall, while bucks should be a minimum of 23 inches in height. Purebred standards dictate that does should not exceed 28 inches in height, and bucks should not surpass 30 inches. Mini Oberhaslis are commonly red bay with black markings, though pure black coats are also observed, while red coats are not accepted for registration. One distinctive trait inherited from their Nigerian ancestors that is still permitted is blue eyes.

To attain purebred status, Mini Oberhaslis undergo six generations of breeding within the Mini-Oberhasli lineage. Accepted colors include red bay and black, with minimal white markings allowed. Ultimately, the final purebred Oberian should maintain a genetic composition of approximately 50% Nigerian and 50% Oberhasli.

Renowned for their petite size and generous milk production, Mini Oberhaslis are favored as the quintessential urban dairy goat. They strike a perfect balance, being smaller than standard dairy goats yet yielding more milk than Nigerian Dwarves. Moreover, they boast gentle, friendly, and tranquil personalities, making them ideal companions for urban homesteaders seeking a reliable dairy source with minimal space requirements.

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